JJ’S On the Docks Eatery
15 Lake St. Unit E
Grimsby Ont.


There is something about heading down to The Marina, The Harbour, The Docks…The Yacht Club whatever you want to call it, there is something about the water and seeing the boats sailing in and out, its pure and tranquil, in any season. JJ’S On the Docks Eatery is a great place to enjoy a meal and watch the boats do just that. This cozy eatery offers some fantastic dishes, British Breakfast, Fish &Chips, Pork Chop Dinners, and there are so many different dishes you can choose from. JJ’S On the Dock Eatery is bright, friendly, and you are always greeted with smiles and excitement. John Dunstall the owner of this exciting eatery that is anchored on the corner of the Marina, is always at the front line waiting to indulge customers on his daily specials. With much décor of boats, anchors, and nautical memorabilia one picture catches my eye right behind the counter, it reads “I Refuse to Sink” four very powerful words that are deep-rooted to JJ’S On the Dock Eatery.

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With much conversation I hear among hungry customers, I walk by and glance at what everyone is enjoying, and my mouth and stomach start speaking to one another. I sit down and know exactly what I want to order. Thanks to the wonderful lady who welcomed me to engage in her dish. The Premium BLT sounds simple enough right. A vibrate colored sandwich arrives of ruby-red tomatoes, splendid leafy green lettuce, four strips crispy bacon and I mean just the right amount of crispy bacon not burnt, not rubbery but perfect crispy bacon. Some establishments only serve BLT’S on toasted bread, but JJ’s On the Dock serves their Premium BLT on a warm, toasted, super soft Panini bun, so each bite you take you get each layer of bacon, lettuce, tomato, & a touch of mayo all coming together in each fabulous bite. This premium BLT was marvelous, and this dish comes with fresh-cut fries golden brown on the outside, tender and hot on the inside.

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I had noticed JJ’s On the Dock has Ruben Sandwiches on the menu, interesting being from Montreal and knowing smoked meat, “lets give it a go”. The Ruben is another simple but complex sandwich the elements of this sandwich must all compliment each other, and no ingredient can over power one another. A beautiful marble rye toasted with succulent and tender smoked meat with an aromatic scent of spices. The JJ’S Ruben was layered with juicy sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and delicious cured, steamed smoked meat. Each bite full of flavors that pop in your mouth. A touch of mustard and don’t ever forget the dill pickles with this sandwich it’s a disgrace to any Ruben sandwich. JJ’s on The Dock has honored this sandwich well.










You cannot visit this eatery along the water and not even consider ordering the Fish and Chips. A large portion of flakey haddock served with a golden-brown crispy batter. This large portion of sweet white fresh fish was tender and served with tartar sauce, fresh coleslaw and the JJ’S fresh cut golden fries. I tried a couple of forkfuls, and it was delightful. Grab the Malt vinegar to go with this dish, its complementary to any fish & chip dish.










When I was told about JJ’s On the Dock Eatery, I was told do not leave until you try the Coconut cream pie. Again, my dessert quest continues. All pies at JJ’s eatery are homemade, and you can taste the difference between homemade and store-bought. With a delectable slice of coconut cream pie placed in front of me, I can’t wait to take my fork and slice into this coconut dreamy dessert. A luscious coconut custard topped with mile high, with fluffy whipped cream and shavings of toasted coconut on top. This pie which was very eye appealing not only to my eyes but my mouth as well. I take a forkful and the flaky crust, sensuous coconut custard and whipped cream, it’s delicate & sweet and with each forkful I feel like I am on a tropical holiday.

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JJ’s On the Dock is a not only a great place to watch boats, but it’s a special place to go with family, a bunch of friends, or just hang out with a cold beverage and enjoy some terrific eats. This is the kind of eatery you enter in as a stranger but come out as part of the JJ’s On the Dock Eatery family. Get your compass out and let it lead you to JJ’s On the Dock Eatery.

Melinda Paletta





Melinda Paletta

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