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Melinda-Grow-TowerGrow With DaButchersDaughter Lettuce Grow Program

Welcome to DaButchersDaughter Inc. LETTUCE GROW PROGRAM you have just taken the first step in helping us grow.

Our program is designed to teach children a Seed to Soil to Plate growing process.

We come to your school discuss your growing needs and put together some special growing programs to work with you and your school.

These days in our digital world its important to teach children the life skills of growing their own food its an important aspect of life.

WE ALL NEED FOOD TO LIVE. We want kids to get DIRTY,DIG HOLES,PLANT,ASK QUESTIONS and most importantly HAVE FUN while growing vegetables at the same time.

We want to teach children as well that:


We want children to get back into the kitchen put there chef hats on and start creating dishes with imagination in mind. Our concept is to teach our future children to grow,eat,& live with pride from the fruits of their labour.

Grow With DaButchersDaughter Lettuce Grow Program

After all the kitchen is the main room in our homes where we all talk about our days and eat some great cuisine together.

We do encourage everyone to post photos of planting, eating, kitchen fun & what ever you’re growing. Be Creative we love having fun!

We are working with some of our community partners and we are growing seed by seed. We would love to have your school come aboard and grow with us.

Grow With DaButchersDaughter Lettuce Grow Program


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  1. David


    Back on Nov 9th my kids participated in your program at Mainway Rec Centre & arena. She (6) planted watermelon, he (3) planted carrots. Both were ecstatic, especially him as the carrots were growing well in the kitchen window; hers of course was taking longer.

    Finally sprouting in fairly moist soil, I did not add more water but kept the lid on. It appears that was a mistake as the sprout which seemed so healthy has now gone mushy, and is I fear all but dead. My daughter was, unsurprisingly; in tears with disappointment.

    I’d like to know what seeds you used, and some basic instructions for handling properly, both initially and as they grow, so I can re-plant hers and know better how to follow through to maturity and harvesting.

    Please respond with any specifics you can (including what to do and when as his carrots grow) . I thank you in advance for your kind response.

    Thank you,


    • Melinda Paletta


      Good Afternoon David
      I’m sorry to hear your planting project was not to successful. The vessel that the kids took their planting project home in was just a start, as I mentioned to the kids and parents when they were picked up that once they start to sprout they will need to be replanted in a larger pot, to give the vegetables & fruit space to grow. As the weather was still a bit moist they could have planted them in their own back yard if they wanted to and they would come up in the spring. Although we understand this is hard for a child to understand we can only explain the best way we can. You can start another planting project by simply getting a larger pot and seeds and start again, carrots, peppers, lettuce are a good start. We used Early CalWonder Seeds but any seeds will work. Plant your seeds, keep the soil moist and you will see in a few weeks sprouts and in a few more weeks you should see success. Again we are sorry the first planting project did not work out and wish you much success in your second attempt. Thank you for attending our seminar and we hope to see you at many more. Lettuce Grow Together.

      Thank you
      DaButchersDaughter Inc. / Lettuce Grow Program Team


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