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 Here is some of the feedback DaButchersDaughter gets!

I have had the pleasure of visiting so many great places to eat.  Here is some of the feedback DaButchersDaughter gets!

Thanks for the feature Melinda Paletta Come on in for a platter of Arancini on the house!

– Peter Petruzzi, The Arancini Company – Read the review here.

Hello Melinda!!! What an incredible write up… absolutely amazing. Thank you thank you so much for coming into my pub Melinda. I am going to have someone link this amazing write up to my web page.

– Deb, Carrigan Arms Pub – Check out the article here.

Thank you @Foodie2013 for visiting and sharing your review!

– Berkley North, West Coast Kitchen – Read the full review here.

What’s the Beverly all about? Read this awesome review by @Foodie2013 and find out more! Thanks Melinda! #HamOnt

– The Beverly – Read the article here.

Thank you Melinda for the great review. Looking forward to plan a tasting seminar.

– Sauro, PURAVIDA Tuscan Deli & Espresso Bar – Check out the article here.

Thanks so much for your review. Everything is perfect here, nice article and nice pictures. Please come to my restaurant again, i want to serve you and your family a nice dinner.

– Helen, Ricky’s All Day Grill Management – Check out the article here.

What a lovely article. Thank you very much for writing it. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit.

– Rachel, Nature’s Corner Bakery & Cafe – Check out the article here.

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  1. Carolene Fisher


    Melinda you are a breath of fresh air! From our hearts to yours, thank you for stopping in to dine with us. You are a woman on the move and your handsome sidekick is just the cherry on top of everything!
    Your review of Vivene’s reads exactly as I envisioned it would. You are so talented Melinda and I look forward to working with you in a few short weeks on television.
    Many blessings!


  2. Michael Laframboise


    I really enjoy your insightful reviews and the variety of community events and locations that you review. You have added so many new places for me to discover. Your energy and love for food is contagious.
    Thank you


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