Copper Kettle Café
312 Dundas St. E
Waterdown Ont.
L0R 2H5

When you drive along Dundas St. E in Waterdown Ont. you will pass a beautiful building with a large copper apple above it, and if you look closely you will see a copper kettle inside. This is what lead me to this little eatery. I enter through two beautiful antique doors, and it feels like I’m in a welcoming living room, almost like I went for lunch at a girlfriend’s place. Beautiful warm tones of browns & coppers, couches & tables of different sizes & neat pictures with snappy little phrases on them.

Don’t’ let the name fool you Copper Kettle Café is not just an upscale café, that serves locally sourced fair-trade organic specialty coffee, it’s also an eatery consisting of light and healthy meals. Copper Kettle Café serves all day breakfast, who does not want eggs, bacon, quiches, or French toast all day long. Sandwiches of corned beef, grilled sweet apple brie, salads, & cute desserts such as the Copper Kettle Café Famous Apple Fritters. Ok so I got ahead of myself, lets start from where I ordered the Aloha Sandwich as I was intrigue by this tropical lunch special as Sponge Bob was waving at me.

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Fresh multigrain bread sliced not to thick, with chilled sliced turkey, mayo and fresh pineapple salsa. This brightly coloured salsa of pineapple, corn, Spanish onions, red peppers, & cilantro brought all the exciting flavors to this sandwich. I love cilantro with its strong citrus flavor and bright yellow pineapple, with the sweet and savory elements each bite was colorful, healthy & beatific of this gourmet sandwich. I accompanied my dish with a fresh pressed lemonade done daily at Copper Creek Café. This lemonade woke all my taste buds, what’s more delightful that fresh squeezed lemons, a touch of sugar and that invigorating refreshing taste.
This dish comes with a soup or salad, Carrot Lentil soup was my choice, brightly slices of fresh carrots, and lentils in a hot and savory broth with large croutons staring back at me. Each delightful spoonful was filled with gratifying flavors. I would enjoy this carrot lentil soup on a brisk Autumn day.

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Don’t kid yourself the salads at Copper Creek Café are just as plentiful, and full of bountiful flavors apples, sweet potatoes, crisp leafy greens, pumpkin seeds, and more seasonal vegetables with a poppy-seed dressing. These salads would make any woodland creature jealous, and I had the pleasure of enjoying a bite or two or three of this sweet and sour salad with so many harvest flavors from a friend who ordered this colorful salad.











When you walk up to place your order at Copper Creek Café your mind can wander at all the choices you have. Using as many Local ingredients as they can. Menus on large signs, display cases with homemade baked goods of muffins, cookies, and scones in them. One thing my senses pick up, is the frying of local fresh apples from Belvedere Orchard in Waterdown Ont. Copper Creek Café is known for these tantalizing apple fritters. Made to order as you can watch through a fritter observatory. Sliced apples, in fried dough and then showered with sugar and cinnamon, one bite and this apple fritter explodes with sweet flavors of sugar and apples with a tart little bite to it. The only complaint I would have is that I wanted this apple fritter to be bigger, no worries I just order another one.

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Copper Kettle Café may have the Café name in it, but it clearly goes that extra step of serving up some fantastic dishes, nothing to complicated, but exciting enough for you to say wow “what is this place”. The next time you are heading down Dundas St. E in Waterdown Ont. stop in to Copper Kettle Café grab lunch or a latte, enjoy an apple fritter and soak in the ambiance. Waterdown Ont. has long been known for a place of social life, with so many meet and greet establishments. It’s funny how one road takes you in a direction you may have never thought to go. Therefore, I love what I do, I take any road that will lead me someplace new.

Copper Kettle Café can keep its kettle steaming with that magical magnetic force, keeping not only Waterdown residents overjoyed, but so many other customers coming back, for that love element of everything that Copper Kettle Café is supporting, from using local vendors, and keeping community values strong, with a unique way of serving up some great sustenance.

Melinda Paletta

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Melinda Paletta

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