Chop-Steakhouse & Bar
3451 South Service Rd. West
Burlington Ont.

When I was invited to have lunch at Chop Steakhouse Bar located in Burlington Ont. I was excited, I have been wanting to visit this restaurant for some time. This Canadian born corporate chain is going to be on my list of Top Restaurants in Burlington Ont. With warm browns & copper tones all around the dining room, sophisticated & classy with a welcoming Montreal jazz vibe. So, as I look around this fabulous restaurant, I see livestock decor, long horns on the wall, wishbones, and abattoir equipment. Am I verklempt yes, a little, I mean it is a Steakhouse after all. Chop Steakhouse Bar is a fabulous place for social functions, corporate, and family meals together.

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I was greeted by Paiten Keyzers the Banquet Manger, Michael Mallouk the General Manger, and Chef Carl Dahl these three veterans in the hospitality industry are a force to be reckoned with. I once read a phrase that said.

It is often in the workplace that we feel least inspired-but a creative outlook can boost our productivity and bring a sense of fulfilment to our work -Author Unknown

It is with these three individuals, I saw, that work is an everyday empty canvas and they paint with creativity everyday.

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Chop Steakhouse Bar has a very intriguing menu, with many palates in mind and although known for preparing steaks with the up most of precision. I absolutely had to try an appetizer Chop calls “Steak Bites”, so many people have told me about these tasty little morsels of juicy beef, with a flavorful punch in each bite. Served with two dipping sauces a Dijon BBQ dip & a Horseradish Aioli. They are called Steak bites, but they are bigger than a that, and with each medium rare steak bite I enjoyed, the dipping sauces were just as enjoyable. Tangy, Sweet, & Pungent at the same time, each dip with more intensifying flavor. These Steak Bites were additive little buggers.








After meeting everyone, I had no doubt in my mind that anything coming from the Chop Steakhouse Bar kitchen would be stupendous. With my junior gourmet kid consultant by my side, a STEAK dinner was his choice. This beautiful portion of beef tenderloin, buttery velvet mashed potatoes, & seasonal vegetables of root carrots & zucchini. This portion is large and should keep any child full for the whole day. This Canadian raised steak was dressed in Montreal steak seasoning, seared to perfection, then broiled and dipped in butter. This steak was an all-natural livestock treat packed with flavor, all the juices sealed in, each forkful a piece of pure contentment. My Junior Gourmet Consultant loved every bit of this dish.









My colleague ordered a Slow Baked Salmon and let me tell you, the presentation of this dish was alluring to glance at. Like steak, salmon takes some skill to cook. A pretty pink piece of salmon with arugula pesto, butternut squash puree and herb quinoa, adjacent root vegetables & zucchini. This slow baked salmon was like it was just caught, a spritz of lemon and it was refreshing, tender and flaky. My colleague had never tried herbed quinoa and after consuming this dish, he wanted to know how he could make it at home. This debonair dish would pair well with a suggestion from Chop Steakhouse Bar full service wine and cocktail bar.









My Carolina Club is what I will refer to as closing my eyes and being on my pastel colored porch, overlooking the beach with my lemonade and my Carolina Club. A warm toasted filone which is like a French baguette but with much more to savor, for this sandwich Chop Steakhouse Bar smokes in-house its own pulled chicken and it can be eaten right on its own, that’s how good it is. As the layers of smoky flavors come together on this club, the smoked white cheddar, smoked in-house pulled chicken, fresh ripe tomatoes, and crisp lettuce it was a beautiful fiery bite each time. The juices from the pulled chicken, and the soft buttery filone bun, & the hand cut fries mouthful after mouthful I kept saying ok! Ok! just one more bite. This Carolina Club was fantastic.

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They say everything old comes new again, so when I saw Baked Alaska on the dessert menu I was flabbergasted, I think the whole restaurant heard me. This 1867 brilliant invention made popular again in the 1950’s was about to be served to me. I had this dessert many years ago and have not seen it since. Can you tell how excited I was? A bee hive of toasted meringue with an enticing char, vanilla gelato, moist rum cake with caramelized pineapple. Now I know why people say” Life is short each dessert first OMG! SHEER UTOPIA! & on my list of best desserts in Burlington Ont.

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Don’t worry if you need a nap after your meal at Chop Steakhouse Bar just head through the magic doors in this restaurant and you will enter the Sandman Hotels, a vibrate hotel with a modern accommodation twist, & smart branding.

Take a talented group of people, who love what they do, put them all together and watch what happens. “You are what you Create”, and Chop Steakhouse Bar creates a beautiful experience to everyone who visits.
Many Thanks!

Melinda Paletta

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Melinda Paletta

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