When I was asked to attend the Facer St. European Festival in St.Catharines Ont. I had to do a little bit of homework. Facer St. has been around since 1854 that’s a long time. People have come and gone, generations have become long time friends and family. The name itself is about community. FACER ST. represents the many faces and cultures of this historic festival.

So many residents expressing kind gestures of hello, how are you, great to see you came out. This European festival was filled with so many different choices of cuisines. The Polish tents are filled with homemade perogies, sauerkraut, sour cream, sausages, & delicious polish donuts (paczki) & cheesecakes OMG! are you drooling yet I was. The problem I had was the line ups were so long I never stood a chance on getting in on the delectable polish cuisines I had grown up on. It did not stop me on getting in on some other fine eats at this festival.

Long Time Friends Expressing Hello’s
Kind Gestures at the Canadian Polish Society Club

I came across VOK’S STAND that was making Slovenian Sausage, it smelled so good I knew that I was going to enjoy what they were offering. A mildly spiced Slovenian Sausage Pattie grilled. This guy knew what he was doing because when I took my first bite, I was blown away at the familiar taste it had of me eating in my kitchen at a young age the same sausage Pattie. Spicy and filled with real meat, lite hints of fennel, and that charred taste was memorable. Vok’s is a staple in St.Catharines and has mastered his technique over many years, he even has a food joint by the canal in St. Catharines that everybody knows of. That’s a man who knows his meat!

Vok’s Famous Slovenian Sausage Pattie
Having some Fun!

This festival also had old cars from a time ago, and the newer ones. Cannoli’s, porchetta, pizza, & Beer.

I was Charged over this vehicle!
Who wants a Slice!

So as I walked up and down Facer St. I enjoyed seeing the history of how it has evolved over the many years. One thing that has not changed, is the warm welcome this St. has from proud residents that lived here as children and grew up. I love the fact that Facer St. brought a community together for one day of smiles, laughs, great food, music, & reminiscing of old and new memories. It was a fantastic day and I am now part of the Facer St. Family.

Terri a Facer St. resident from a time ago!
More Resident’s from Facer St. Mary-Ann, John, Da Butchers Daughter & Little C



Melinda Paletta

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