Food Trucks are still as popular as they were a few years ago, and I still attend these Food Truck Festivals looking for something outstanding. With donations going to Sick Kids Hospital, its a great day for a great cause. So as I entered the Burlington Food Truck Festival my eyes were ready to be fixated on DA EATS!

So many scents of sweet and spicy dishes being made. Music is playing & eating contests are under way, which one day I will get enough courage to enter. I walk around once to see what’s being offered. I then walk around twice to pick out where I would like to enjoy a food truck dish. Then I walk around a third time and then.. it happens, I pick my favorite trucks and head on over to place my order.

My first truck intrigues me, a giant wok pan of spiced chicken just blazing and full of Indian spices. The Kathi Roll Express featuring Indian street food. Butter Chicken Kathi Wrap ” Indian Flat Bread Wrap” or Burrito. Tender pieces of butter chicken, basmati rice, chick peas, all wrapped tightly together to make beautiful Indian music in my mouth.

This Butter Chicken Kathi Wrap was fantastic, the intense flavors just enough to leave you wanting more. This truck also offered Holy Shakes & although I was a little disappointed they did not have the flavor I wanted, to go with my fabulous Kathi Butter Chicken Wrap, I still think they are a neat beverage. ( Perhaps next time boys)

The Kathi Roll Express was still one of my top picks this year at The Burlington Food Truck Festival.

I then headed over to this one truck called Wrestlers. I immediately thought they must have some sort of wresting background on this truck. I was completely wrong, and I loved the thought process behind this amazing sweet food truck, that I battled with since we somewhat have the same last name. Wrestlers Food Truck derived from life and how we are all Wrestling with life good and bad. What makes us feel a little better from wrestling with everyday problems a PALETA “Mexican Popsicles” with flavors like Mojito, Pink Lemonade, & so much more.

Paletas vs. Paletta

These handmade Paletas pack a punch and take all your cares away while you immerse yourself in these wicked frozen treats. The only thing your going to wrestle with is whether you want another Paleta or not. I know I wrestled with the fact that these Paleta’s and this Paletta had to try other things from this truck. After my Mojito treat, I tried a Mexican Horchata cinnamon, vanilla, horchata (infusion rice) & water all mixed together like a Mexican martini. It was refreshing, and on the hot day it was it cooled me down.

Mexican Horchata

It’s always exciting to attend these festivals, you have to intrigue your tastes buds to try new and different things. Step out of your comfort zone and grab some Food Truck Fun your taste buds will love you for it.

Thank you Burlington Food Truck Festival see you next year for some more Food Truck Picks.



Melinda Paletta

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