Friendship is a very important thing to have, we count on our friends in many different areas of our lives. You may have a ton or you may have just a few. Either way they are awesome to have by your side. The Festival of Friends was held at Gage Park in Hamilton Ont. what a beautiful day to celebrate friendship.

All kinds of music, vendors, sunshine, friends, and FOOD! what more can I ask for. So I danced my over to where the many scents of different fare was being prepared.

The scent of coffee guided me over to THE COFFEE BARN. For those who know me coffee is a staple, my life line on those crazy days. This bright red barn/truck enticed me and my colleague to indulge in a cup of joe, liquid gold, a cup of caffeine, whatever you call coffee its wonderful. This truck also offers iced coffees, frozen hot chocolate and so many more coffee treats.


The Festival of Friends is all about togetherness, and meeting new people. When I came across this cool dude he was a delight to speak to. All his positive thoughts just radiated through the festival to just take life one step at a time. His cool surf board/skateboard had me just amazed that he rides this invention of his through the HAMTOWN streets. WICKED!

Riding the POSITIVE VIBES! at the Festival of Friends!
The Strudel Lady was popping with fresh fruit homemade strudel!, look for this booth at your next Farmers Market

I am a cheese freak I LOVE IT! So when MELT “WICH” and I crossed paths it was pure Cheesy Love at first site. Grilled Cheese Meltwich sandwiches and the Bacon Avocado was going to be my Huckleberry. Five simple but delectable ingredients, Cheddar Bacon, Avocado, Tomato, Chipotle Aioli, & chopped onions made a small appearance in this “Melt-Wich” so six ingredients. I wanted to save some until I got home but a dollop of ketchup (the perfect condiment to any grill cheese) and I was done this scrumptious creation before I hit the car.

Ryan and Da Butchers Daughter enjoying his Bacon Avocado Creation.

So you can see I made a plethora of friends at this years Festival of Friends. That’s what its all about, great friends bring so many great memories. Thank you to everyone who took the time to speak to me, and became my new friends at this years Festival of Friends.



Melinda Paletta

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