I once resided in King City, Ontario their was nothing but farmland, cows, sheep, & farms. I thought to myself where the hell is the nearest grocery store. King City was such a small town when I lived there. I took a drive one Sunday afternoon and passed threw the old town which has now been revived from one street sign to many and so much going on. This old home and stable aging 170 years old plus. This restaurant is rich in not only history but has been a local staple in King City, Ont. I used to hang out at the local pub “The Hunt Pub”. This pub is adjacent to The Hogan’s Inn if you take the time to read the menu you will not only find some fantastic dishes being offered, you will also see the history and how The Hogan’s Inn has evolved over time.

Hogan’s Inn has not changed to much, I still see the old décor and the home still brings back memories. As I glance threw the menu, I pick out a few items for me and my guests to enjoy, as I tell them of experiences once upon a time ago.

We start with some Chicken Wonton Nachos. I have noticed this dish is becoming a staple all around. The portion was enormous and filled with juicy chicken pieces, cheddar & mozzarella, carrot & zucchini shavings but what made this dish was the Asian sesame sauce. When the crunch from the wontons and everything loaded on top its a delight to the palate, and of course you have to have a beer to wash it all down.

Oysters are trip with me, I could never understand how people eat them. When we ordered a dozen they were served on ice, horseradish, and cocktail sauce. Bottoms up people its OYSTER time!

Steak is always a crowd pleaser with me. The only thing that was upsetting to me, was that this steak was U.S.D.A. not C.F.I.A so for those who don’t know our steak was AMERICAN not CANADIAN. We should be promoting our Canadian Beef Farmers is all I’m saying. The steak over all was medium rare, very tender and flavorful.
12oz USDA Prime Rib Eye Steak Hogan’s Inn Menu.

Chicken wings are always great for adults and kids, so when we ordered, we made sure they were mild. As you can have medium, hot, or honey garlic. I made sure they came with some extra sauces ( hot, honey garlic, and blue cheese for carrots and celery. Chicken wings were enjoyed by my junior gourmet culinary consultant.

Alright so it was a really warm day, so I really did not want anything heavy plus I was trying all sorts of plates. I ordered the Arugula Pear Salad with grilled chicken. Fresh arugula in a citrus vinaigrette, and unfortunately that’s all I received. I had a couple of candied walnuts on my plate, and a few shavings of Parmigiana, and as I tried to find my sliced pear there was only a couple of slices under all my arugula. I still enjoyed this salad but was looking for more of what the menu enticed me in the first place to order this dish.

So although I am still glad to see this restaurant has survived over the years. It’s important to understand that you made a very well established business, but never under estimate your customer’s knowledge on what they are paying for. The ambiance, the service (which could be improved on), and the cuisine you are offering. Remember that the pricing you are expecting to get paid for your dishes, should be what you are offering on your menu. Again let me make myself clear, I enjoyed myself not only from a nostalgic point of view, but also to offer some culinary criticism on how a classy restaurant such as Hogan’s Inn can improve on keeping a traditional alive.



Melinda Paletta

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