I sometimes just get in the car and take a drive, a road trip if you please. So when my wheels stopped in Beeton Ont. Lickity Spilt caught my eye. Bright pink letters intrigued my tastes buds and on a hot day what’s beter than ICE CREAM. Lickity Split owner Natasha and I connected right away, as soon as I saw the Bordeaux Cherry flavor, we both knew after speaking to one another, we had a common acquaintance.

Lickity Split is Bright, Rustic, & the sweet smell of so many flavors to choose from leaves you so indecisive, you will want a scoop of each. Life is tough sometimes, but if we take it one lick at a time it becomes sweeter.

Lickity Spilt is all about Community, getting involved in many of Beeton’s fairs & festivals. Natasha and I spoke about having dessert first (As I do not eat any sweets until I have my main meal) she laughs and says ice cream is for anytime of the day.

I enjoyed meeting everyone at Lickity Split. Small towns are fantastic you come in as a stranger, but leave as family. Thank you Natasha for my Bordeaux Cherry & see again soon.


Melinda Paletta

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