I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with some wonderful people. Every year local farms from all around have employed Migrant workers from Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, & and many other countries. These hard working men make Canada their home during planting season and stay threw out the year to help our Local farms harvest in order for everyone to have all kinds of fruits & vegetable’s grace our plates.

To show such gratitude organizers gathered together to provide an end of the year picnic for these hard working gentlemen. Christie Park was our venue and Local churches, farms, and many other volunteers came out to provide a day of soccer, waterfall tours, corn roasting, BBQ, canoe rides, kayaking and so much more, and I could not be more honoured to have been asked to help in volunteering.

Corn getting ready to be dipped in butter!!!

My PIT CREW for the DA DAY!!! LOL!

You can really put a lot of things into perspective when you see the dedication of these men, and what they do to provide for their families. Even donating some of their pay to a co-worker who was hurt in an accident. The generosity I saw from these men was overwhelming and made me feel really proud to know all of them.

I even had a warm invitation to sit and dine with a few of my new found friends over some burgers, hot dogs, salad, and enchiladas. The language barrier was no where to be found, but we spoke the language of sharing a meal and just expressing gratitude. Afterwards we headed right back to the soccer field to work off our meal.

My Enchiladas soooooo DA-lish
Who wants ICE CREAM!!!

I put all these men & women on a pedestal for coming out to help the farmers produce the crops, and to everyone who came out to help with this event. It was spectacular to see a community come together for such a wonderful day. A special Thank you to Terry Sciamonte who has devoted her time for many years to the migrant workers and farms & has taken the time to get to know all the migrant workers and farms & put a ton of work into organizing this years picnic. I hope to see everyone at next years picnic.

I loved this guy & his HAT!
Our Migrant Workers the Farm Owners & Volunteers !


Melinda Paletta

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