Today along Lakeshore in Burlington was the sweet smell of BUTTER TARTS! it was the Burlington Butter Tart Festival. Vendors from all over filled up the Art Gallery of Burlington with butter tarts of all kinds, cinnamon, coconut, raspberry, pecan, chocolate, coffee, OMG! the list was endless. I had a friend of mine attending, Eric’s Handcrafted Butter Tarts. I love Eric but, I love his handcrafted butter tarts more. White Chocolate butter tarts to die for. Along with so many other vendors it was a day filled with sweet love. I went home with so many butter tarts that I can not wait for the next Burlington Butter Tart Festival.

Art & Butter Tarts what more can I ask for!
DaButchersDaughter & Eric De Garie Owner of Eric’s Handcrafter Butter Tarts
This way to more Butter Tarts!
Junior Culinary Consultant enjoying Eric’s Handcrafted Butter Tart!
Butter Tarts Everywhere!
This way for even more Butter Tarts!

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