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I spent the afternoon with racks of ribs, brisket, hush puppies and a chef named Clifton DaSilva, now that’s a deadly combo. For any meat lover just close your eyes and imagine just inhaling the aroma of ribs, chicken, and pork being rubbed and smoked. My god its beautiful. Barque Smokehouse is the newest of restaurants in Burlington Ont. they came with Southern charm in mind.
Barque is filled with retro chairs, vintage décor, barn board floors, a private dining room, livestock cows on the walls playing chess, and so much more. Barque has a spacious outdoor patio with live entertainment some evenings, where on occasion the boys from Barque will spark up the BBQ and let the magic begin feeding hungry customers different carnivore dishes.

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David Neinstein owner & Pit Boss himself put this fantastic smokehouse together and he comes with many BBQ trophies under his belt, even spending some time in the South. Then you have Jon Persofsky another owner with restaurant management behind him, put them together and you have some tasty Barque.

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I take my seat at booth underneath a neon sign that says Southern Certified and I’m about to find out if it’s the real deal, May I have a glass of your house wine, that’s Southern for Sweet Tea please. The place settings are simple knife, fork and basting brush, accompanied with two basting sauces on the table Texas & Carolina. A large bucket of zesty popcorn arrives, and I find myself noshing on this salty & spicy corn.

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The menu at this fabulous BBQ heaven is quite simple plenty of meat, meat, and more meat. Don’t worry there are a few salads on the menu as well. I love a good chicken tender and for my appetizer I chose the Barque Crispy Chicken Tenders. Large moist juicy 100% chicken breast strips dressed in a Barque competition rub & panko coat. Each crunchy, savory, and distinctive bite of these crispy chicken tenders was a promise well delivered. This dish is served with an Alabama white dipping sauce and it was full of flavors intense garlic, horseradish, mayo, and so many other elements creamy and smooth and perfect for dipping these enjoyable Crispy Chicken Tenders.









Barque has a fantastic bar for anyone who wants to enjoy some lagers, wines, cocktails or just a spirit or two. Never the less whatever you may be in the mood for, Barque will pair it with one of the many smokehouse dishes they offer.

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As my mouth salivated perusing the menu I want this…no hold on. I would like this. No hold on and this went on for what seemed like an hour that’s how much I wanted to try everything. I finally ordered the Smoked Brisket Sandwich and what a champion choice it was. This incredibly juicy brisket is smoked for 12 hours then sliced semi thick, savory homemade fried onions, red cabbage slaw with a crisp bright tang, and horseradish mayo put together on a soft warm airy bun. What makes this sandwich exceptional four simple ingredients, the brisket was so tender and buttery with that 12 hours of smoking is why Barque Smokehouse is a refined BBQ Company, these boys know what they are doing. With each bite melting in my mouth, all the ingredients enriching each other, it was a slow and southern cooking with so much character. I now know why this sandwich is one of Barques best sellers.

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When I lived in the South everybody spoke about Hush Puppies I had no idea what they were speaking about but soon found out. They are delectable corn meal fritters, they are fantastic, and they are served in a cast iron skillet, crunchy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. Although these tiny fritters are great on their own they come with a Charleston Cheese sauce, but they also go very well with that Alabama dipping sauce from my Barque chicken tenders as well.

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The kids are well taken care of in this Southern Smokehouse of hospitality, offering the younger generation an array of MOO’S CLUCK’S AND ONIK’S as they put it and my junior gourmet consultant was ready for Baby Back Ribs, three sticky and saucy ribs arrive, and they are tender, lip smacking, finger licking, sweet and spicy good.
It doesn’t stop there once your done these meaty baby back ribs, Barque offers its young wranglers a homemade sugar cookie to decorate. Chocolate and Carmel sauce with sprinkles, such a great idea and the kids love it.

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Barque Smokehouse offers one sirloin burger on the menu and that’s all they need, its huge, its juicy, its meaty and its awesome. Sweet candied bacon, with aged cheddar, and the sirloin with the perfect ratio of lean & fat in each bite giving this burger that succulent taste.








We finished off our meal with some Salted Carmel Doughnuts with Bourbon Caramel Sauce. Sweet and Sinful, when asked how I enjoyed these sweet little dough balls. I said they are fabulous. Not as fabulous as the brisket but delightful.

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O.K. so here’s the bottom line if you want ribs, chicken, pork, and you want it smoked, pulled, or BBQ. Head to Barque Smokehouse and get your meat on.

Thank you, for your warm welcome.
Melinda Paletta

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Melinda Paletta

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