The Pump on Brant Restaurant
455 Brant St.
Burlington Ont.

Summer is happening all over the city and it’s about time. Patios are being graced with thirsty and hungry patrons and really…as Canadians we love our patios, and The Pump on Brant Restaurant in Burlington Ontario was about to get another patio veteran to hang out and enjoy some upstanding eats. The Pump name comes from the first location they had, the first Pump restaurant was built over an old gas station, very cool! thus the name The Pump was born.
Rustic and welcoming with a fantastic patio and a small little boardwalk for everyone to walk by and glance at all the unique dishes that everyone is enjoying. The Pump on Brant offers so many dishes for you to try from Soups, Salads, Burgers, Pastas, Homemade Pizzas & so much more, don’t forget to grab a cocktail or a fine brew while sitting on the patio or even if you choose to sit inside and watch a game or two.

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As the sun kept shining I was getting Pumped for my dishes to arrive. Getting Tickled by my crispy and crunchy battered dill pickles was quite a treat. Six hand battered dill pickles with a tangy bite to each one. Served with ranch buttermilk aioli for dipping, these pickles had the colors of my rainbow tickled with delight. I encountered deep-fried pickles a couple of years ago in the States and have fallen in love with them ever since.









I have always wanted to try a fish taco, but never have been enticed as much as I was at The Pump on Brant. Three huge fish tacos arrive in a soft tortilla, and these fish tacos were loaded with a generous portion of cod with a beer battered coating, a house made salsa, sautéed onions, & peppers with shredded lettuce and fresh tomatoes. I loved this dish, it was very Mediterranean light and flaky cod, fresh salsa, a squeeze of fresh lemon with the onions, & peppers, it just put everything together and each bite gave a different and more robust flavor. If I could say one thing instead of shredded lettuce, I would have preferred fresh cilantro. Never the less, I was enthusiastic that I finally tried the mighty fish taco.

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My Gourmet Junior Consultant checked out the kid’s menu and was most impressed as any 8-year-old would be. Grilled Cheese please! with an Iced tea, now most of you are probably thinking well…how hard can it be to make a grilled cheese sandwich. Well to an eight-year-old it better be perfect, the right amount of cheddar cheese to bread ratio, not to gooey but gooey enough. Kids palates are sensitive, and they know what they like, The Pump on Brant prepared a first-rate kid grilled cheese sandwich. Our grilled cheese was on toast bread grilled till golden brown, melted delicious cheddar cheese with a fun stretch to every little bite. Large hand cut French fried mighty potato sticks accompanied this dish and my little gourmet consultant was content.









The Pump on Brant is known for making wicked chicken wings, the wings are known to be World Famous I couldn’t wait, I put my order in right away and ordered the Tequila Lime wings. Any chicken wing that’s world-famous must be worthy of me trying them. My basket arrives and ten crispy, hot, wings arrive. with an aroma of my tequila lime wings an ambrosial moment is about to enter my mouth, I take another large inhale of these delectable wings and dig in. The Pump on Brant makes a fantastic chicken wing, juicy, moist, with a hint of lime and tequila, these wings were packed with so many exciting flavors. Clearly a basket of ten was not enough. So, when I come back, I will order perhaps the Suicide, Southern Cajun, Lemon Pepper, or Honey Garlic what ever I decide I am positive The Pump on Brant world-famous chicken wings will be most in famous in Burlington Ont.


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Dessert was most obvious for such a beautiful day on the Pump Patio, a Fudge Brownie Sundae. Two scoops of ice-cold vanilla ice cream, two generous dollops of whipped cream, and a chewy fudge brownie nestled deep down inside this cool down treat, with chocolate sauce and of course rainbow sprinkles. We tried to enjoy this sweet sundae as quick as we could without getting brain freeze, but the sun beat us to it. This Sundae melted quicker than we could eat it, so we made the best of it and grabbed some straws, said cheers and that was that.

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Summer is made for patios, sunshine, drinks, cocktails, cold frothy beers, great eats and spending time with friends and family. The Pump on Brant has taken the social aspect of eating out and made it a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who wants to get Pumped on Brant.

Melinda Paletta

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Melinda Paletta

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      Good Morning Felicia

      Thank you and CONGRATS on Winning Burlington’s Best Chicken Wing Headquarters of 2018 I had no doubt with the first bite of my Tequila Lime Wings. See you Soon.

      Melinda Paletta

      DaButchersDaughter Inc.


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