As most of you know, I am a History fanatic. I love seeing how a time back when, proceeded to do things with such flare & finesse, with what we think were the bare essentials. What a wonderful day I had in store for me when my cousin set up High Tea with the Travelling Tea Lady. Renee Williams owner of The Traveling Tea Lady has taken Victorian High Tea and brought it back with the up most of style it had way back in a time of sophistication.

Ms. Williams with her family tree branches consisting of German & English decent, first fell in love with her tea fascination from her father who bought Renee her first tea set. The Travelling Tea Lady will come to your home or go to any location and set up high tea. With the finest china, linens, cutlery & prestige to bring you back to Victorian days. I was really impressed with what The Travelling Tea Lady has accomplished. It’s a true labour of love, Rene takes every detail very seriously, and wants every guest to truly have the experience its intended. It’s a way to bring everybody back to the table, to bring back family traditions, is Renee’s mission statement to me. We start our Victorian time travel with Tomato Bisque, a rich, creamy & flavorful soup served in a beautiful china bowl. It was a damp winter day, so it really warmed my soul. Wait staff is all round waiting to fill your tea cups with hot loose leaf herbal tea.

Trivets of cucumber and cream cheese, red pepper jelly and cream cheese, wild rice in phyllo cups, & fresh mini croissants filled with smoked turkey surround the table. As we try each tasty morsel with the up most of lady like manners, I am just entranced at how The Travelling Tea Lady has elaborately made my high tea the social gathering of the season. What I thought was a nice touch was the games we played between courses. The Travelling Tea Lady picks locations with Victorian history, therefore you get the whole experience and a fun history lesson as well. Our function was held at Dundurn Castle in Hamilton Ontario. I wait with anticipation for the star of the show in English High Tea. A trivet of wrapped figs, Christmas cake, Madeline’s, Sugar Cookies, & Scones  was accompanied by Imported Clotted Cream & Imported Lemon Curd from England & Homemade Strawberry Jam.

Each delicate bite I took of everything was stupendous and incredibly delicious. Moist Christmas cake right from a family recipe, delicate flakey scones which Renee worked on making them just the right amount of perfect, and as soon as I partnered them with the clotted cream and strawberry jam I was in Victorian heaven. The Madelines were prepared with strawberry puree and strawberry extract.

The Travelling Tea Lady creates everything from scratch. I could tell right away the minute I entered the room, that this event was going to be quite memorable. In a time where elegance was prestige, and high tea was an occasion not to miss. We can take note from a time long ago and learn from it. It’s not always about the Hustle and Bustle of the day. Stop, Breath, Shut your eyes if only for a moment, and take a sip of Tea.

Thank you very much Renee and I cant wait to book you for my Travelling Tea experience at Paletta Mansion!


The Travelling Tea Lady




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Melinda Paletta

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  1. Renee Williams


    Thank you so much for such a well written Article! It is truly humbling to have someone who shares and sees your Passion for Great Tea and Gourmet foods. Also who embraces the Tea Culture and the true Art of Afternoon Tea! Looking forward to 2017 and working on many great projects. Cant wait to have the Tea Event at the Paletta Mansion! Best wishes for 2017.. And keep on writing and living the best life you can! – The Travelling Tea Lady – Renee Williams


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