What a way to bring in New Year, by welcoming Rust BistroBar in Burlington Ont. I have been watching & waiting for this new eatery to arrive and I can’t wait to tell you about it. Rust BistroBar has a very relaxed, warm & RUSTic way about it. With warm browns, laid back atmosphere, open concept & smooth jazz playing in the background. I look around and see the chefs table where you can sit and interact with the kitchen staff while your dish is being prepared. I also see a family table in the middle of the room. I assume its a family style table or harvest table as some would call it, because it’s a long family style table which I think is a great way to meet other people or have a small party.

Rust Bistro & Bar has a full set of craft beers, wines & cocktails which pair well with many of the dishes prepared in this unique restaurant. I see light bulbs everywhere, which I find kind of cool, its Rust’s way of saying they are full of electric current waiting to pass its cuisine on to its patrons.
Rust Bistro Bar consists of many owners with different cultural backgrounds Italian, Greek, & French Canadian that is a delicious combo. I had the pleasure of meeting with Chef Paola Iaboni the Italian influence of this establishment. Chef Paola tells me it truly is her “soul” in the kitchen preparing all menu items with all aspects of inspiring different cultures. The menu changes as the seasons do. Rust BistroBar makes just about everything in-house with the freshest of ingredients using as many of the local vendors as they can.

I checked out Rust BistroBar for Brunch. I love Brunch & Clubhouse Sandwiches so as soon as I saw the Jerk Chicken Clubhouse I ordered it. This triple-decker toasted multi grain sandwich was stacked with juicy chicken and the intense flavors from the jerk seasoning made this dish even more appetizing, crispy bacon, avocado mayo, tomato, lettuce, & grilled pineapple relish. The heat from the jerk chicken and the sweet pineapple relish were paired perfectly and the other attributes of this dish from the smoothness of the avocado mayo & crispy bacon and even the green pepper I tasted were simply executed with Jamaican pride.

Rust BistroBar also caters to kids, Chef Iaboni prepared a light & fluffy stack of silver dollar golden pancakes with blue and pink cotton candy on top for my little C and I thought that was a very creative way to serve them. What child doesn’t get excited at seeing the site of cotton candy. Yes, I had to have a bite, there is a kid in all of us.
On a Sunday morning in my home, we always looked forward to Steak & Eggs. It’s a benefit I guess from being raised in the industry. It’s a perfect balance, sunny side eggs, and medium rare steak, with a side of potatoes drizzled with chimichurri sauce. Don’t forget your side salad, the whole presentation of this dish was just mouth-watering. The tender juicy steak seasoned with the flavors of garlic, parsley, & olive oil from the chimichurri paired very well together with this dish, right down to breaking the yolk of the egg and putting the whole forkful of flavors in your mouth. It just excites everything. It really is a Sunday morning must.

Rust BistroBar is not to big or to small but full of love. Chef Iaboni would like to bring the cuisines of Rust BistroBar to the community of Burlington Ont. and share her devotion of being that intense Chef with the tunnel vision of every dish she prepares in her kitchen. Rust BistroBar and Chef Iaboni have taken much diligence in the presence of their establishment. I am certain this will be a neighbourhood favorite of mine.

Rust BistroBar
1801 Walkers Line Unit 7&8
Burlington Ontario































































Melinda Paletta

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  1. Paola


    It was a pleasure having you join us for brunch. We are so glad you enjoyed it!
    Your beautiful words truly capture the “essence” of RUST!
    Can’t wait to see you again!


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