Hamilton’s Food & Drink Fest 2017
First Ontario Place
Hamilton Ontario


Food, Friends, & Laughter all under one roof is the place I wanted to be today at the 2017 Hamilton Food & Drink Fest. Held this year at the First Ontario Centre in Hamilton Ontario or the Hammer as we call it.

A spectacular event that brings many Restaurateurs, Bakeries, Wineries, Breweries and so much more all under one roof for all to enjoy. I love these events because it gives a chance to see a whole lot of things in one day. I enter the Food & Drink Fest with much anticipation.The only complaint I would have is I found this venue a little to dark inside. I was expecting it to be more lit up but never the less, I see many breweries such as The Hamilton Brewery representing & The Lost Craft as well as wineries the Green Lane Estate Winery & Churchill Cellars Ltd. make their presence known. I walk around once, twice, and Bam! I pick out the booths I would like to visit and sample some gourmet cuisine.

I sample crab cakes, a beet salad, donuts with a monster attitude, BACON WRAPPED BACON! Korean Fried Chicken, and DA BEST GOD DAMM BUTTER TART I have ever tasted. Here’s what I love about visiting these shows, I meet so many new people and see some acquaintances as well. All these establishments coming together to show such immense talents, and they all do it for the love of Food, Wine, Beer, Baking, and so much more. They do it only to find paradise when they see us enjoying the fruits of their labour.

What more can you ask from the life of a Chef, Vineyard Owner, Beer Brewer, or Baker. I know what I would ask…. Keep my Plate Full, don’t let my Wine Glass or Beer Stein ever Empty, and never let my Sweet Tooth get angry.

Thank-you to everyone for your hard work today. I enjoyed every delicious gourmet morsel I sampled. I can’t wait to see you again in my travels.



The Other Bird was one of my favorite Booths to visit, My Korean Fried Chicken was Sweet, Tangy, & Packed with flavor. My Bacon Wrapped Bacon well…. it’s all in the Title it was full of Bacon goodness. I will definitely be visiting The Other Bird soon.

IMG_6261 IMG_6260 IMG_6244 IMG_6243 IMG_6252 IMG_6247


Chef Jayke Carter not only enticed me to his booth with his fashionable Cow Skin Chefs Apron,but his culinary dishes were very eye appealing. His attention to detail was astounding, but the Beet Salad he served was alluring. The colors and earthy ingredients on this dish left me wanting more.

IMG_6231 IMG_6235 IMG_6236 IMG_6237


Eric’s Handcrafted Butter Tarts were such a sinful & decadent treat. A family recipe with a delectable light & golden flaky crust and a sweet filling of pure French Love. I went back to this booth twice and left with a variety pack of these captivating butter tarts. I coming back for the Sugar Pie and more Butter Tarts Eric!

IMG_6273 IMG_6275 IMG_6270 IMG_6266 IMG_6265


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IMG_6262 IMG_3708 IMG_3704 IMG_3706







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