Café Augusta

156 James St. S. Hamilton Ontario




With so many great things happening in Hamilton Ontario lately, such as great eatery’s, fantastic old buildings being renovated, & an energetic vibe. It’s a great way for me to look back at Hamilton the way I remembered it when I used to visit. As a child, 156 James St. is quite memorable, lets look back at 1980 something a young 10-year-old hanging out with her mom at what used to be a very upscale Hamilton Hair Salon. My mother would leave this salon with such beautifully styled hair, me not so much and in the words of Rachel Stevens “HAVING A BAD HAIRCUT CAN BE QUITE TRAUMATIC” and it was to the 10 year old me. My mother would always console me and say it looks great, but to a ten-year-old… tears were shed. So, when I walked up to Café Augusta I proceeded with anticipation.




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The beautiful crown mouldings are still in tact, and the gorgeous huge bay window letting in the sun is still there, but instead of salon chairs there are tables and chairs, rustic brick, original fireplaces re-born again, a full service coffee bar, and a beautiful brightly light space, with the magnificent scents of fresh coffee being made. Café Augusta serves the up most of premium coffee to its clients that pay them a visit. Alison Caldwell greeted me, one the partners at Café Augusta, and she informs me of how this café functions and I’m impressed. It’s like getting a lesson, on your caffeine concoction, product knowledge is key.

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Café Augusta prepares Coffee, Lattes, Espresso, Teas, and even cocktails if that’s your preference. This unique Café has collaborated with Pilot Coffee Company, sending over the highest quality of coffee beans, and provides direct trade coffee to us Canadians, this means they work on having the best relationships between the farmers and retailers a very key point. With brewing methods of Chemex, Siphon & regular Brew for those of you who do not know about these caffeine techniques, ask Café Augusta to show you, its amazing and once that dark liquid gold hits your lips and your breath in the intense flavors its your utopia.

Café Augusta also serves delectable treats such as Monster Donuts, light and flaky Danishes, and sweet & savoury Crepes with ingredients that consist of Smoked Salmon and dill cream cheese, tiramisu, and ice cream to name a few. I came across a tea on the counter which intrigued me called Cascara it’s dehydrated coffee cherries high in antioxidants, Café Augusta brews these cherries and it becomes a flavorful sweet tea I loved it, and what a resourceful way to use every aspect of the coffee bean.

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Never the less the building that used to put me in tears as a child, is now putting a smile on my face with the many ways I can enjoy coffee, Café Augusta is a perfect place to visit and get yourself grounded, but first……Coffee.




Melinda Paletta

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