Tonight I had the great privilege of attending a community cooking event at Canadian Martyrs Catholic Elementary School. Active Chefs a Multicultural Community Event. This was a 90 min trip to Greece, Asia, Thailand, & the Caribbean. Active Chefs is a not-for-profit organization which promotes healthy eating, nutrition, cooking and life skills for kids ages 5-12. Active Chefs concentrates on bringing kids, family, and a multicultural experience for everyone to enjoy. They provide a country, a recipe, the ingredients and we prepare it. Which I believe is very important these days, we need to get back to basics and bring family back to the dinner table. This program is free and subsidized. Active Chefs work together in After School programs, In-Class Workshops, Field Trips, and Parent-School Events like I attended this evening. What I loved seeing, was all the kids, parents and guardians slicing, dicing, stirring, tasting and laughing as a UNIT, togetherness, communicating, networking, learning about different cultures, and just speaking face to face with someone instead of texting or emailing. Afterwards just enjoying what we all made from a recipe of just simple ingredients. I looked around the gym and just smiled and said to myself…..it is possible to get family’s to do this. In a society of social media it’s nice to perhaps take an evening, pick a country and make a dish from that culture, or take a recipe from your own culture and just have fun with it,trust me your kids will love you for it. Active Chefs brings a strong lesson in teaching kids about different food choices and the hands on experience promotes healthy minds & attitudes. I had a truly amazing time tonight and even saw a few parents take home a doggie bag.
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Melinda Paletta

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  1. Louise Harding (IRISH)


    Great shots Melinda! You really depicted an excellent evening. If you haven’t done so already, you should send this article to the school so they can add it to their monthly newsletter:) I’m also digging the profile picture on the main page #hotmama
    See you in the playground:)


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