Maple Syrup Season is a great time of the year. What things are most important to Canadians… Maple Syrup, Bacon, Beer & Hockey of course. I like to visit a different farm every year, just to see the similarities in each establishment. White Meadows Farms in St.Catharines Ont. was quite different. The tapping of trees is a process in it self, but this century owned family farm, has put a spin on things. As you enter the farm, you can already see you are going to be taught how Maple Syrup is made. The Maple Lodge will show you how the sapping process starts & ends. White Meadows Farms even provides four grades of maple syrup samples for you to try. The fun really starts, when you take your tractor ride out to the forest, for your hands on lesson. It’s amazing really, when you think of how maple syrup came to fame from our native settlers before us. A little thing like maple syrup, which we enjoy everyday on pancakes & french toast was given to us by the Native Indians. By mistake I may add. That’s Amazing!. The scent of wood burning and syrup cooking radiates threw the forest, as you visit each learning station. White Meadows Farms has also gone an extra step in tapping thousands of trees on the premises, which you can see by looking at all the blue tap lines they have threw out the forest. That is impressive. Don’t forget to try your maple syrup taffy. The whole process from beginning to end at White Meadows Farms, is to teach everyone how it works from tree to table. Many products you will see in the Maple Sweet Shop  are products made right on the farm. Maple Syrup, Maple BBQ Sauce, Maple Vinegar, and Maple Baked Beans which I had to try, there was no disappointment. Also the Breakfast Box this farm sells, which contains Sausage, Potatoes, & Pancake Batter is such a neat idea. If your looking for a fun day out, check out White Meadows Farms and get your Maple Syrup on tap.


White Meadows Farms

2519 Effingham Street. R.R #1

St. Catharines,Ont. L2R 6P7



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