The Arancini

Growing up Italian, we always had Arancini around. They are small rice balls that somewhat resemble an orange. There is a place in Hamilton Ont. called The Arancini. It’s a quaint in and out kinda place with big things on the rise. This young entrepreneur Peter Petruzzi is the owner of this Italian nostalgic eatery. Peter has been making handmade Arancini for sometime, and he has mastered his skill. The Arancini is pumping out these scrumptious authentic rice balls, and I couldn’t wait to try them. There are many varieties they offer, but I kicked it up old school, had to keep the traditions alive. The Arancini makes sure you are fed well, the portions are large. Even my bite sized order was a meal in it self. These mouth watering crispy rice balls were filled with savory beef, peas, mozzarella & sweet tomato sauce, all surrounded by light and fluffy risotto. One bite and I was hooked. The gooey mozzarella oozing out as you break apart your Arancini, is like a little Italian present. This place also serves Italian soda and has an abundance of flavors such as Lavender, Amaretto, Blue Raspberry & Blood Orange to name a few. They have 52 flavors of soda to be exact. The Arancini has also taken a step further in making desserts. Nutella filled Arancini. Just when you thought the gooey goodness could not get any better, he went and added another Italian staple NUTELLA. The smell of hot caramel, & bubbly hot chocolate hazelnut spread inside waiting to drizzle out. It’s Delizioso!

The Arancini is the perfect place to get a big taste of Italy. Get in there and have a ball.






Melinda Paletta

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