Living in Lynchburg Virginia for two years, I picked up a thing or two about down home cooking. Here are some words Y’ ALL should know about southern cuisine it involves LOVE, COMFORT, SOUL FOOD, & BACON. When I heard about the Dirty South Food truck, I had to find out where they were at. Your greeted by two welcoming upbeat guys,so right away I was in my COMFORT zone. I ordered the pulled pork tacos, the smell of hickory smoked pork, black beans, onions,cheddar cheese,and buttermilk dressing. I could not wait to sink my teeth into this yummy hickory SOUL FOOD it was delicious. Then we tried the Dirty Southern LOVE! fried chicken,waffles,BACON,drizzled with maple syrup. This type of cookin could only be done by a southern professional. It was like putting the south in my mouth. Find this Food Truck and get Dirty Southern style.



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