The Beverly
254 Locke St. South
Hamilton Ontario

Growing up we all had that one house we all conveyed to, the neighbourhood house. We could have hung out in the kitchen, basement, living room, or garage. If we were together as friends that’s were we knew it was where we were supposed to be. In saying this, fringe benefits came along with going to this house such as scrumptious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, & snacks.

The Beverley on Locke St. in Hamilton Ont.is the place to be. The Block party starts at The Beverly. Its busy so you may have to wait a bit to get in, but good things come to those who wait. This quaint little all day Brunch eatery is the perfect gathering place. It’s not to big or to small, the warm atmosphere and welcoming smiles make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in.

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Many faces grace the menus so you can make your own decision on what the real Beverly looks like, and I thought, what a cute idea. It gets better as you read the menu you see old school classics such as Janet’s Pot Roast, Sweet Melissa’s Potato Pancakes, and so many more dishes with great names.

I am sure we all had that crazy Uncle or loveable Aunt. What better way to start my morning than with a Beverley’s cure, a cute champagne glass graces my table, filled with fresh sage syrup, a squeeze of lime, Lillet Blanc, & Campari swirl. Beverley’s Cure got the ball rolling I’m telling you she likes her cocktails and after this refreshing cure, I knew right away what I wanted and that was Grandma Madge’s Grilled Tomato Sandwich with warm cheese soup.

Warm toasted Sourdough bread, arugula greens, tomato jam, & thick cut ginger bacon. This dish was captivating with each bite full of seasoned tomato jam, my ginger bacon was seared and so tender and my soft toasted Sourdough Bread was delightful. Grandma Madge knew what she was doing when she created this favorite of mine. The warm cheese soup is a secret weapon of The Beverley, this soup is thick, creamy, & silky to your palate, I was bathing Madge’s sandwich and my ginger bacon in this delectable cheese soup, I almost drank it like a beverage. That’s the thing about Grandmas they just know what’s good for you.

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My colleague ordered the Turkey Tostada Vallejo this dish was stacked with so may levels of flavors, delicate seasoned shredded turkey, cilantro, avocado, pickled onions, sesame, chipotle beans, mole and two fresh farm eggs. I could smell the fragrant levels of this dish as it was placed on our table, Beverley must have visited California at some point because this dish was full of Spanish flare.

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The Beverley concentrates on freshness, using as much local product as they can, preparing everything in-house with creativity & presentation in mind. Each dish has its own character as its placed at your table. They take service serious right down to the pig timers for each French pressed coffee ordered. Erin Fillion is the manager of The Beverley and just like a mom she’s everywhere. Erin has all aspects of the front of the house & the back of the house taken care of, motivating her staff with her strong spirit.

I never met the real Beverley but I’m sure if I did, she would probably pinch my cheeks or give me a big welcoming hug. The Beverley on Lock is the house that makes everyone that enters feel like home. Such a great addition to Locke St. in Hamilton Ont. and I can tell already the neighbours love you Beverly. See you soon!


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Melinda Paletta

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