Beer Town Public House
K-2050 Appleby Line
Burlington Ontario L7L 6M6

I waited a little bit before heading over to Beer Town Public House in Burlington Ontario. You know the saying good things come to those who wait, well it was worth the wait. It can be an over whelming experience dining here at Beer Town Public House but relax, enjoy the visit because this Beer Exhibition is something you will not forget. I check out my surroundings and I soon have many questions. I am not a beer enthusiast but soon became one. Beer Kegs hanging from the ceiling, a large information chalk board of rotating taps which is very impressive, stating that once the brew is done, it is done they move on to the next superstar of beers. Beer Town does not fool around when it comes to the world of Beers.

With Craft Beers becoming so popular in the last few years. This Beer Playing Field has so many different styles of Beers that I could just do this whole review on Beer. Beer Town offers many types of beers, cocktails, sample and shares, draught beers, bottles, imported and non-alcoholic beers and those are just the ones I understand. What I found most above all is the product knowledge of every server that works at Beer Town, they will explain not only the food menu to you, but they know every beer that flows through Beer Town’s Casks & Taps. Product knowledge is key, and Beer Town has it down to a fine art.

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With a neat spin on Nachos, Won Ton Nachos is what my eye is intrigued about. Euphoric crispy Wong tongs arrive oozing with Fontana & mozzarella, roasted chicken, a spicy yet sweet peanut sauce drizzled all over these delectable crunchy wonton, cilantro, chopped scallions, a hint of red peppers and this dish is served with wasabi sour cream. BRILLIANT! This dish was full of so many different flavors that my mouth was extremely in a happy state of satisfaction.

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Our Charcuterie Pretzel Board was filled with an array of local sweet and spicy cured meats. Kielbasa, salami, prosciutto, chorizo with in-house made warm & chewy pretzels. Although I loved this Charcuterie Board of delectable cured meats, the warm bacon & cheese dipping sauce was amazing. It was like receiving a very warm Beer Town hug. As we dipped and noshed our way through this charcuterie board. We kept our dipping sauces to enjoy with the rest of the dishes on their way. The house mustard was fantastic as well.



Although there are many varieties of Beer being served to each table. Kids are not forgotten at Beer Town Public House & are welcomed. Offering a Root Beer sampler of any four root beers or sodas to the kids with their meals. This sampler comes in an impressive bucket served on ice, it’s a neat way of interacting with our young cicerones to be.
Let me start by saying the kid’s meal menu is filled with dishes for little palates. My Junior culinary consultant ordered steak medium rare “great choice” with Cesar salad. A lean cut of Beef Striploin that cut like butter, this perfectly prepared striploin was a cooked with a medium pink color that was so flavorful it melted in your mouth, yes, I took a bite it was divine. My little guy loved each morsel.




With so much to choose from the menu, I could not wait to try Beer town’s Pad Thai, a beautiful presentation of crunchy bean sprouts, fried egg, colorful Julienne carrots, red peppers, dainty soft rice noodles that I twirled upon my fork trying to get every scrumptious taste of this dish. As it enters my mouth I can smell the aromatic scents of cilantro and peanut sauce with the fresh vegetables. This Pad Thai was phenomenal with each bite, the intense flavors of so many elements radiating and coming together. It was outstanding.
As different dishes kept gracing our table we could not get enough, with our glasses kept full of many ales, and cocktails. We seemed to have gotten lost in all the excitement that transpires in Beer town Public House. That’s what it’s about enjoying life, and the company around you.




As we ordered more of Beer Towns first-rate dishes, we enjoyed sharing. Calamari, sweet potato fries, fish & chips, kale & blueberry salad, even the mouth-watering BT Brisket Platter. Put these dishes together with some exceptional lagers, dark or light ales, imported or local, gluten-free, or non-alcoholic, bottle or glass. Whatever your preference may be Beer Town Public House has dedicated itself to not only to serving delectable dishes but pairing them with the many of diversity of beers to please everyone that walks through Beer Towns welcoming doors.
Get together with some great company, & head to Beer Town Social House for some unique cuisine & a pint or two.

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Melinda Paletta

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