5 West Brew Pub / Kitchen
3600 Dundas St. West
Burlington Ontario
L7M 4B8

Craft Beers are all the rage lately, and 5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen did not miss a beat when incorporating their new look and crafty way about them. 5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen in Burlington Ont.is an upbeat pub with the ambiance of much spirited staff and plenty of social buzz all around. What makes this Pub stand out among the rest? Giant silver brewing kegs grace the corner of the dining room getting ready to brew 5 West brands of craft beers to pair with your meal. Now even though I wanted to get a photo of the Bright Silver Craft Monuments, it was going to be tough as 5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen are still working out some glitches and it was unsafe for me to go in, but I will be back to see the brewing process in action.

There are two signature craft beers that dance around the pub a 5 West Blonde Ale & 5 West Honey Lager and three more crafts beers are soon to make an appearance an IPA(India Pale Ale), RED, (Darker in color but rich in taste)& WHEAT (Which is Top- Fermented and usually made with much raw wheat) beers. I’m not a beer Cicerone, but I love the smell of any ale. 5 West is even putting in a small retail shop so you can enjoy your craft brews in-house and purchase some for home. 5 West also have many other traditional beers & ciders being served at the bar for you to enjoy as well. I love the name of this restaurant, 5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen and for those who live in Burlington you will get this; the name brings Hwy 5 and West Burlington together…Brilliant.

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Doug, Allen & Paul are the owners of this unique pub, and it shows that they love what they do. The dining room is a beautiful open concept, with live bands playing blues & jazz and a cool band that plays a pretty good electric violin. Aside from the ambiance 5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen have a superb menu. It’s a menu that took great preparation to pair well with the craft beers.5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen prides itself not only on their craft brewing skills, but by using as many local ingredients as they can. Soups, Salads, Pizza, Burgers, & a few other items on the menu have intrigued me. I am welcomed into the Chef’s kitchen to checkout some dishes getting ready to head out to the front of the house, and my mouth was watering.

A Charcuerie Board with much eye appeal which consisted of local cured meats, cheeses, homemade cranberry mustard & pretzels. This dish is served on a beautiful wood board and in my option I would not be happy sharing this, only because I would want it all to myself. Chef did not waste anytime plating up the Brie and Candied Bacon Burger. Just looking at this burger it almost did not make it to the patrons table without a bite out of it.
It was a large 8oz Angus beef Pattie with candied bacon, and plenty of Brie cheese. With so many choices of tantalizing dishes 5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen are offering, that I am sure anything you order you will not be disappointed. My appetizer was chicken bites, these sweet sticky & tangy little tender bites of chicken were a pleasant amuse bouche of finer things to come.
Served with my choice of a gorgonzola dipping sauce, this delectable appetizer was paired so well together with the sweet & tangy bites & sharp gorgonzola dip, that it left a cordial feeling on my palate. 5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen prepares an array of incredible pizzas as well, and all dough is prepared in-house and you can taste it. It’s lightly baked with a soft and chewy bite to it and smells like freshly baked bread. Whatever pizza you order from 5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen you will enjoy every bite as we did.

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I love a delicious Clubhouse sandwich and although it’s a staple in many restaurants, I enjoy ordering it just because so many restaurateurs prepare it differently. This double stacked Turkey Club not only gave me satisfying eye appeal, but my taste buds could not wait to get my mouth around this giant club sandwich. Like a well-built structure, my turkey club was layered with shaved roasted turkey, crisp lettuce, sharp cheddar, beautiful bright tomatoes, mayo & double smoked crispy bacon. Served on fresh Multi Grain Bread with fresh-cut fries, I relished every bite. It’s a large portion and goes great with the 5 West Honey Lager. I love when such a simple dish can give such great pleasure.

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This is what I love about 5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen, it’s a sensational place to go and enjoy magnificent food, exceptional music, & extraordinary craft beers. 5 West Brew Pub & Kitchen has taken dining out and craft beers to a new level and it’s a one of a kind concept that I’m pretty sure the Burlington community is going to have a BREWtiful relationship with.

Melinda Paletta


Melinda Paletta

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    wow! You’re so creative! I always want to have beautiful things like this in my kitchen but don’t have any ideas how to make them. These things are so beautiful and easy to do.its look awesome and yummy recipes. Can’t wait to try this. Please keep sharing


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