Many food trucks graced the grounds of Spencer Smith Park in Burlington Ont. An event filled with so many different cultures of cuisines to try. Food Trucks of Greek, Indian, Canadian, Italian, & the list goes on. I love going to these events it gives me chance to pursue each food truck with much care, I can pick out which food truck I really want to try, that one truck that just intrigues me enough to give that cuisine a try.

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It was a tough choice I had three picked out. I went  where my taste buds led me. Jerk Brothers, three brothers from another mother bonded together to make this food truck one of my favorite picks of the day. Caribbean music playing, the smell of intense Caribbean spices, and three awesome guys with a great sense of humor.

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The Jerk Brothers Collin, Paul, & Shane should be very proud of not only this Caribbean inspired food truck, but they should be proud of the dishes being served. Jerk Brothers menu is not overwhelming its simple, Caribbean dishes we can all relate to. My Jerk Chicken was a large portion of mouth-watering tender moist chicken, you could taste the distinct Caribbean spicy marinade, served with light fluffy rice & beans, with a sweet and crunchy coleslaw. It was positively TEK! (That’s Jamaican for Fabulous)

P.S Jerk Brothers next time we see each other I want the IRIE BURGER!!!

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The other food trucks I will give a shout out to are The Untamed Chef with large portions of flavor & creativity.

The Heirloom Farm to Truck- with a farm to table approach of fresh ingredients, and showing support to local farmers.

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The Burlington Food Truck Festival also had music, craft beer, eating competition’s, deep-fried MARS BARS which I have always been curious to try, ITS SWEET! orange slushies, that was like an orange tic tac exploded in my mouth, donations going to Sick Kids Hospital, games, bouncy castles, and a beautiful Spencer Smith Park Lakefront view, it doesn’t get any better than that.

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I had an exciting day and loved speaking to everyone and just finding out the back stories of each Food Truck and why they do what they do. Thank you to all the Food Trucks that came out, I look forward to seeing all of you soon.

Melinda Paletta


Melinda Paletta

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