Breezy Corners Family Restaurant
1145 Main Street East
Hamilton Ontario
L8M 1P3


There is a part of Hamilton Ont. that I now find a little Breezier than the rest of this Steel Town. Its filled with so many creative eateries and I may just have found my favorite one. This once staple of Hamilton since 1932 has not changed much, the décor is old school with booths complete with original table side jute boxes. A large sitting area for parties or gatherings, and a counter side with original stools. I immediately had a very nostalgic feel of welcome as I entered. Breezy Corners Family Restaurant defines the word FAMILY, Claudia Draper & Nolan Reid a mother and son team that has found the secret ingredient to their restaurant business, and its LOVE.

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From a young age Nolan watched his mother create traditional recipes, he watched with a keen eye and learned each step with much precision. When I asked him how do you like being in a family business, Nolan tells me I wouldn’t have it any other way, my mother taught me everything I know. I love that! Today Nolan is putting his own spin on the dishes that leave his kitchen, and it’s quite impressive. Breezy Corners Family Restaurant serves up Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

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I went in for a casual supper. What I received was indelible. My appetizer was Homemade Mozzarella sticks. Three heaping portions of hot, stretchy, gooey immense hand bread mozzarella sticks arrived. Not your average mozzarella sticks, but crunchy, silky, & comfort in each bite and after you dip in Breezy Corners homemade marinara sauce the Mozzarella sticks just get better.
I have done my fair share of restaurant reviews, and only in Hamilton do I ever see on the menu Liver & Onions. I know some of you may say “I WOULD NEVER TRY THAT” me I love liver & onions and Breezy Corners presented three tender pieces of liver and fried onions with a thick home-made prime rib gravy, and garnished with the famous Breezy Bacon. Although each morsel of my liver was delectable and melted in my mouth, my dish was dressed in a beautiful bright array of seasonal vegetables. A Rainbow of purple and yellow beets, green beans, broccoli, & corn cob with a giant yellow sunshine smile. I won’t forget my light and fluffy mashed potatoes, which only complimented my rich gravy, liver & onions, and my full-flavored vegetables. This dish was a plentiful portion and let’s just say my Iron intake for the year is done. It was a vivid dish to look at and I enjoyed putting a bit of everything on my fork and just listening to my taste buds say, “This dish is divine” and I’m glad I chose it.

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I stare around Breezy Corners Restaurant, I can only imagine how many patrons have walked through this landmark. As I glance into the kitchen I see exciting flames, and I know that Nolan and his sous chef are preparing my next dish. A thick juicy 24 oz. Bone in Pork Chop! this dish came to the table and we could not wait to slice into this delicate piece of white meat with beautiful char marks. It was like they were blowing me kisses. Seasoned & cooked with perfection, and just the right amount of pink with each bite. This dish was served with more rainbow seasonal vegetables and cloud like mashed potatoes. It’s amazing how this dish spoke to me on so many levels. It was engaging to look at, Breezy Corners Pork Chop was sweet, savory & flavorsome.
Breezy Corners Family Restaurant makes a dish called Mile High Hot Hamburg and I’m going to describe this dish as a Po Boy Jacked up! Fresh Sliced Bread as the base, ground hamburger, mashed potatoes, two slices of Breezy Bacon, & homemade prime rib gravy over flowing and getting into each layer. Such a hearty dish, and you can tell the minute it gets placed in front of you, it’s going to be a filling experience. I joke around with our waitress Sabrina, and say if we finish this dish do we get a free t-shirt.

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Always after a great meal, you should always have room for dessert. Rice Pudding, Blueberry Pie, Apple Pie, & Ice Cream. These were our Homemade choices for the evening. Homemade Apple Pie was what we chose., “a la mode of course”. Hints of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, brown sugar, and delicate slices of sweet apple in a flaky crust. Almost like nana used to make. It was lovely.
Breezy Corners also takes care of the community, you can purchase a breakfast meal for $5.50. Fill out a ticket and post it on the wall, if someone has fallen on hard times they can take a ticket from the wall hand it in and a breakfast meal will be prepared for them. I enjoyed many fantastic dishes and was quite fortunate to do so. I pay if forward so someone else can enjoy a hot and marvelous meal.

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Breezy Corners Family Restaurant cooks with love, you can see from every dish that comes from the kitchen. It’s the little details, right down to the baked goods on the counter. Nolan and Claudia are the old school way of restaurateurs, and that’s something you rarely see these days. A hometown kid that grew up around recipes from the heart.  All homemade, to get into the restaurant business in today’s world you need a ton of moxie. Breezy Corners Restaurant has moxie all right…. they have taken their restaurants and made it a Breeze to enjoy!

Melinda Paletta


Melinda Paletta

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