It has taken me eight years to visit Jake’s Grill & Oyster House in Burlington Ontario. The funny thing is, I live four minutes away from this great steak & seafood house. I love a juicy grilled steak, but I also love fabulous seafood, Jake’s was no disappointment. The rustic and warm feel inside Jake’s is surrounded by oyster chandeliers, fish nets, boating decor, and taxidermy fish probably caught by the owner himself hung over the fire place with much pride. The cuisine is upscale and worth every penny. Oysters on the half shell, come to the table chilling on ice with lemon & shaved horseradish. A spritz of lemon, a dash of hot sauce, and a touch of horseradish all come together in my mouth as this delicacy slides down my throat Da-Lish. As all of you know Oysters are not my favourite, but they are growing on me. Calamari is a favourite of mine, and I will eat it grilled or fried so that’s what I ordered. I loved the presentation of my grilled calamari. Grilled with perfection in mind, and fried calamari all around my dish lots of lemon and I was enjoying every bite. Little C ordered his all time favourite, pizza with fries. A small panini split in half with loads of gooey melted cheese on top, tomato sauce & fresh cut fries and Little C is ready to eat. ( I have to add great kids menu). Jake’s Seafood Linguine was a bountiful plate of tender linguine in a spicy creole sauce, giant tiger shrimp & sea scallops, brightly coloured seasoned mussels just smiling at me. The scent of this pasta dish enticed me, ( Yes I had to have a bite or two…or three). I love salmon, so I could not wait to try the Snake Bite Salmon. Great name right! I asked why they call this dish Snake Bite but could not get a correct answer. Never the less this wood grilled large piece of succulent & tender salmon, was glazed in Jake’s snake bite glaze, yes that’s it. It’s the glaze sweet,spicy & sticky. It bit me all right….because it was so flavourful. Dessert is always welcome when I’m writing up on a resturant. I asked the server to bring me what she thinks I might enjoy. I was served a whipped lemon curd, in a puff pastry bowl with whipped cream and strawberries. Now some of you may say what’s so special about that. This dessert was the perfect way to end a fantastic meal. It was light, full of lemon, cleansed my palate and was not to big or small, it was just what I wanted. Although it took me eight years to get me to Jake’s Grill & Seafood House it was worth the wait. I’m hooked!


P.S Little C got a Popsicle a different spin on dessert for kids. I thought it was neat.

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Melinda Paletta

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