East Place
48 Centennial Parkway North
Stoney Creek, Ontario

I have never met someone who does not enjoy Chinese Cuisine, although Chinese cuisines has evolved over many years, it has remained one of the best explored menus to date. East Place in Stoney Creek Ontario, has been creating Chinese dishes since 1979. It seems although the décor has not changed much since 1979 and that’s what I loved about this unique restaurant. East Place Chinese Restaurant has an old-world charm to its décor, starting with breathtaking dual dragon carving on the ceiling, if you stare long enough at these dragons they really start to speak to you. I love the Chinese culture, because there are so many layers to learn. It’s a fascinating culture to just embrace and enjoy, take eating with chop sticks (which I am still waiting to learn how to do) two tiny sticks that you enjoy your meal with. Chinese culture has been around for over 5000 years, with a philosophy of having much Love and Respect for everything. As well as much tradition, which brings me to the Chinese cuisine, which has so much flavor, vibrate color, exciting spices, unique ingredient pairings, & I love some of the dishes names, such as Woo Hip Har ( Butterfly shrimp wrapped in bacon and breaded) or Soo Chow Won Ton ( Won Ton chips with BBQ pork, shrimp & mixed vegetables) just to name a few. East Place Chinese Cuisine has put all these elements together to create a most interesting visit for you to enjoy.

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As we sit down I notice a lazy Susan in the middle of the table, the lazy Susan is not something you see everyday anymore. So, I found it most nostalgic at the table and although I was not ready to share what dishes were about to come to the table, I knew that lazy Susan was going to be turning and turning for sharing.
A tradition when ordering Chinese cuisine with us anyway are the egg rolls, I love a deep-fried golden-brown egg roll. Filled with hot savory bean sprouts, bits of pork, onions, more veggies & hints of ginger, cinnamon & nutmeg. As you bite into this gently wrapped egg roll, the thickly wrapped coat that is filled with all these savory ingredients, just makes this Chinese treat more appetizing. You may also want to dip your egg roll in a hot mustard, sweet and sour sauce, or plum sauce, whatever you’re in the mood for this is a must when eating at East Place.

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A beautiful Wonton soup arrives, steaming hot plump pork filled dumplings bathing in a delightful broth. My wonton soup is filled with slices of tender BBQ pork, shaved green onions, and as I slurp and bite down into my delectable dumplings it’s satisfying my palate. I love a hot bowl of soup, its like receiving a big warm embrace. With our lazy Susan getting dressed in many different dishes Eat Place has to offer, we can’t wait to try everything.
Light and fluffy chicken fried rice arrives with brightly colored peas, carrots, more sliced tender BBQ pork, with juicy pieces of chicken breast in every mouthful. Although I can taste the hints of soya sauce, I still splash on a bit of hot sauce and mix it with the Diced Almond Chicken & Vegetables and it becomes a perfect combination of crisp broccoli, onions, celery, watercress, crunchy almonds, and more juicy chicken pieces.

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East Place Honey Garlic Spare Ribs were the perfect blend of sweet, sticky, and full of garlic, delectable little spare ribs packed with a rich and savory bite to them. The kind of spare rib you just must lick your fingers after each one.Chicken Balls, Battered Shrimp, Chicken Chow Mein & Chinese New Year placements (I am a RAT). East Place Chinese Restaurant is just full of the authentic Chinese culture and that’s what you want when you visit, that authenticity of Chinese culture. Don’t forget about the cocktails when enjoying your meal, I always order a Singapore Sling it my favorite. East Place has a variety of different cocktails, beers, & wines.

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So, I guess what I’m saying is East Place Chinese Restaurant was a throwback in time, and I loved it. It’s not for everybody, but for me it was just taking an evening, making a new friend with the owner, speaking about Chinese culture, and tasting some delicious Chinese food. This Confucius says, share your meal, make a friend.

P.S Can someone please teach me to eat with CHOPSTICKS!

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Melinda Paletta


Melinda Paletta

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