Jacksons Landing
5000 New St.
Burlington, Ontario

Jacksons Landing…. sounds like an exciting new drama show filled with promises of Love, Laughter, & Strong Relationships. To be quite honest with you that’s just what this restaurant offers to everyone that comes threw its doors. Located in Burlington Ont. Situated on the corner of New St. & Appleby you can’t miss the good looks of this building, but it’s when you enter your journey begins. Jacksons Landing derives from Irish and Ukrainian pasts meaning Red King.








A beautiful open concept, with warm tones of dark & light browns. I stare at the phenomenal half moon wine cooler filled with imported wines from all over the country. You can’t help but be mesmerised by so many red and white wines to choose from. I immediately noticed the use of so many reusable objects in Jacksons Landing. In the entrance the lights are surrounded by copper piping, moveable tables, odd light fixtures that I am assuming were once used in a barn for something, never the less its cool to look at. As we are seated a Start Me Up cocktail arrives, a nua Prosecco-style wine from Veneto Italy with fresh orange juice in a champagne flute (yes, I ordered it) and it was just the start me up I needed.
Jacksons Landing has a beautiful bar placed right in centre, for all to see quite smart I may say, because its great for parties, sports events, or if you just want to have a quite cocktail. A beautiful array of sprits and beers are offered as well at Jacksons Landing, Sapporo from Japan, Dos equis-lager from Mexico, & Lagunitas from Chicago Illinois just to name a few of the beers. I am sure whatever you’re in the mood for Jacksons Landing will wet your whistle.

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I walk around this unique restaurant and keep seeing such odd little Knick knacks and then I spot an elevator and you know those things that make you go mmmmm…. Come to mind. I ask where does this elevator lead and what is it for , they tell me it leads to a magical place in the summer ,the PATIO Jacksons Landing has a beautiful rooftop patio with a spectacular view, I never made it up there on this visit, the weather was not agreeable that day, but I will be sure to visit in the summertime with a cocktail in hand.

Jacksons Landing Offers Brunch, Lunch & Dinner. I went in for Brunch its my favorite part of the day, & the Landing Benny was what I ordered. Yes, you may say it’s just eggs benedict your wrong. Jacksons Landing presented two beautifully poached eggs, free run if I may say, peameal bacon, a silky-smooth glistening hollandaise sauce, with a tomato Fresca. Here’s what made this eggs benny extraordinary as you slice into your fluffy poached eggs and watch the golden yolk just flow, you notice that there are two made in-house scones. All the components of each layer coming together bite after bite you can’t help but just smile with content. I made sure I saved some of my scone to soak up my sunny yolk, this dish was also served with a Landing Salad, it was delightful.















My Junior Gourmet Consultant was with me, and here is where Jacksons Landing was on the ball, they immediately brought over veggies and dip for my little guy. This tells me that kids are very welcome and well taken care of. With an order of BBQ Chicken Wings on the way, we couldn’t wait to try. Kids portions are quite plentiful, crispy chicken wings coated with a seasoned gluten-free flour arrive and with each crunchy bite was tender chicken inside. A sweet & tangy BBQ sauce for dipping and a creamy Caesar salad came with this dish. My Junior Gourmet Consultant told me that Jacksons Landing is his go to place for chicken wings.
After enjoying our BBQ Wings, it was time for a sweet treat, some Vanilla ice cream, served with a warm chocolate chip cookie. What a perfect way for a kid to sit back and savor what a good time Jackson Landing has to offer.








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Nothing could prepare me for the dessert I was about have, for all that know me ILOVE carrot cake and anytime I find it on any menu I must try it. There are so many ways to make carrot cake, but the Essential is the CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. I was about to go to my happy place, my own utopia. A scrumptious slice of Carrot Cake was placed in front of me, and it was enormous, and I’m not exaggerating it was colossal. We lock eyes and I just stare at the layers of moist cake filled with sweet carrots, walnuts, hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, & layers of delectable rich cream cheese icing between each layer. One forkful and another and another, this flirtatious dessert has captivated me. Without wanting to seem like gluttony was all over me, I packed up my new love to continue my relationship for a later time in the day.

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See it’s like I said Jacksons Landing is an exciting Bar, Grill, & Hub filled of Love, Laughter and Strong Relationships.
See everyone again soon.
A special Thank you to Mr. Isaac Weber & Mr. Ray Sanderson

Melinda Paletta


Melinda Paletta

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