Valentino’s Place
824 King Street West
Hamilton Ont. L8S 1KS

It’s one thing to be married for forty years and celebrate a wedding anniversary, but it’s a whole other entity when you can celebrate being in the restaurant business for forty years. Like a marriage it takes a lot of work, a lot of compromising, & plenty of love. That’s just what Valentino’s Restaurant has accomplished in Hamilton Ont. Celebrating serving all of Hamilton for forty years, that’s a milestone.This long-time family business has been feeding home-made Italian dishes such as lasagna, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, breads, cakes, pastries, gelato and so much more. This long-time staple for many Hamiltonians. Valentino’s has celebrated with so many family’s communions, confirmations, retirements & graduations any occasion you may have, I am quite sure this Italian restaurant can handle it. Valentino’s restaurant offers dine in or take out and once you walk in into this Italian eatery, you will soon learn why it was named after the famous lover Rudolf Valentino. You can’t help but fall in love with the beautiful display of homemade Italian pastries and the sweet smell of pizza baking.

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I sat down for lunch and could not wait to get started on some delectable desserts. I ordered a cappuccino with cannoli’s and pesche dolci (Italian Peach Bum) a light crispy pastry filled with sweet cream and just a light dusting of icing sugar, this is an Italian classic, and any Italian that says they do not like cannoli’s I will have words with. My Pesche Dolci was a soft moist, airy sponge cake with Italian custard filling inside, so lovingly made and let me tell you these scrumptious little peach bums are labour intensive but after one bite you will understand why Italians love them.

Valentino’s starts our table off with some warm focaccia bread made in-house. It’s soft & chewy and has just the right amount of European spices. Bruschetta was our appetizer and it was a beautiful presentation of Italian toast graced with garlic, olive oil, fresh ripe tomatoes, goat cheese and a generous drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Each bite more enticing than the next.
Valentino’s Restaurant is home of the first eatery to serve the Panzarotti a giant golden crispy fried homemade Italian turnover. Valentino’s prides itself on its homemade dough. This panzerotti is folded and sealed, and Valentino’s has this recipe mastered, this Panzarotti is gigantic. Melted mozzarella so rich and gooey it’s mesmerizing just watching it flow out as you bite into this masterpiece, homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, rapini, artichoke & bocconcini. It is also a well-known street food in different parts of Italy it’s fantastic, mouth-watering & fun to fill with so many fresh ingredients.

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Growing up Italian we always had cutlets frying at some point, they may have been veal, turkey, or chicken, never the less I loved when ever my mom was making them. Valentino’s prepared a chicken cutlet for me a tender baked chicken cutlet. You may have this item baked with mozzarella & tomato sauce. I just wanted a baked chicken cutlet, it came to the table and it was love at first sight, it was in the shape of a heart, served with a wedge of lemon some grilled zucchini and I asked for some goat cheese on the side. This tender chicken cutlet brought me back to being in the kitchen watching my mom prepare these delectable tender pieces of meat and it was delicious. I loved every bite.

Everybody loves pizza and Valentino’s pizza with done exceptionally well. Homemade dough that you can add many ingredients to, my junior culinary consultant wanted cheese and sauce. A 10” personal sized pizza arrived for my pint-sized consultant and he was impressed with one bite, the mozzarella stretched, and his eyes widen with excitement and then he went in for another bite and before I knew it three slices were devoured. I can’t help but indulge myself with this delicious pizza. Although just two ingredients its authentic taste is what gets me, a rich and zesty tomato sauce with a light baked crust it was delightful.
Valentino’s also offers an array of wines, beers, and spirits to compliment your meal, as well as daily specials, catering & all made with Valentino’s passion for preparing memorable Italian cuisine.

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A family business with many generations behind this 40 year-long standing restaurant that’s right here in our very own Steel Town of Hamilton Ontario.


Melinda Paletta


Melinda Paletta

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