The Piano Cafe in Port Perry Ont. May be well known for it’s award winning heritage, and old school charm. The only thing I saw, was a stunning building from the late 1800’s. I went for lunch at The Piano Cafe, it’s graced by warm colours, beautiful crown mouldings, and one of a kind paintings done by local artists on the wall for purchase. The cuisine on the other hand, was not up to my standards at all. They practice Artisan made products, but I received neither. I had ordered a chicken spinach & feta stuffed crepe with bruschetta. My plate was bland, and lacked flavour, with what seemed like processed chicken, and sour tomatoes, it was accompanied by a tomato broccoli soup which was somewhat edible. The gluten free Mediterranean roasted salad my colleague ordered was nothing special. The grill cheese from the kids menu, was no grill cheese at all, but a somewhat toasted bread with cheese in the middle. They may be kids, but they have taste buds to. The wraps I will say looked quite full and appetizing, but the French onion soup was dressed with cheddar cheese on top instead of perhaps a Gruyere, or Swiss, I’m all for being different but cheddar was not the route to go. The Piano Cafe staff was no better, when questioned about the food we received, the Manager never came over to discuss our concerns ( Me and my customer service, it’s a big thing). I also saw our waitress and some of the staff rolling their eyes at our complaints. Interesting, I wonder if they the roles were reversed, and they received a large bill, for something they were not satisfied with, if they would be so snarky. The Piano Cafe may be beautiful to look at, but they may need their keys tuned.












Melinda Paletta

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