I’m so excited, to tell you all about The Chopped Leaf located in Burlington Ont. The Chopped life, a way of being healthy within your inner body and out. This Canadian owned company is preparing Salads, Wraps, & Soups with the philosophy of eating well for you. I know I have spoken before about healthy eating being a lifestyle, but The Chopped Leaf gave me a hard-core lesson on the importance of the eating right. Start off your visit, by trying a refreshing fruit water. Seasonal fruits infusing your water, so you get all your vitamins with your H2o. (You also have a healthy snack) This infused water changes all the time, its invigorating and energizing.

Joanne and Tony Davies owners of The Chopped Leaf take great pride in everything this company stands for. It’s about living and taking healthy elements and making them into creative dishes. This brightly colored establishment is full of green in more ways than one, this place is busy. Salads, wraps, & soups are being freshly made to order. It’s a neat concept when ordering, and the staff is there to help and explain anything you may want to know in regards to your dish. So let’s get started, I will tell you all about it.

I love soups and The Chopped Leaf must have known it, when I ordered my Spicy Creamy Tomato soup. A beautiful hot bowl with the aroma of sweet spices uplifting of senses. This tomato soup was smooth and full of delicious flavors. I could have had bowls and bowls of it, but I have to be considerate to the other customers, and let them experience what I do. The BBQ chicken quesadillas were very distinctive, with its bold flavors of grilled chicken, mushrooms, hot peppers, red onion, cheddar, salsa, and BBQ sauce.

Each bite letting you know that The Chopped Leaf has come to town and they are here to stay. This quesadilla is for anyone who may be skeptical about eating right, with all these wild ingredients the sweet smokey BBQ sauce and the savory Southwestern flavors all folded into a flat tortilla, your taste buds are sure to be blown away. The Whole Bowls at The Chopped Leaf are pretty neat as well, You can choose from three different bowls which consist of different tastes to each one. I choose the Whole Bowl # 1. Ice Berg lettuce, black beans, chicken, corn salsa, cheddar, avocado, cilantro, pita chips, sour cream and salsa. So it’s like a deconstructed upbeat taco, or wrap. The most important thing was, my mouth was very enjoying each delicious bite.

The Chopped Leaf has not forgotten about the kids. After all, as parents we do want our kids to eat better. They have an array salads, wraps, bowls, and the stand by grilled cheese (which goes great with the Spicy Tomato Soup). All just five dollars, and portioned just right for little appetites. Never the less this place has it taken care of. With our order of the Chickie Bowl I kept it simple, juicy chicken, brown rice,and cheddar cheese. Simple but effective as my “little C” ate the whole bowl. (Get it! he ate the Whole Bowl) it’s a play on words in more ways than one.

So I have Chopped it down to this, Everything made at this Health Pub is made to order, and even as you read the names of the different dishes. The Pegasus, The Spa, The Sunshine, Evil Peanut Sauce, The Popeye. The Chopped Leaf is trying to teach about good living. It’s about maintaining to be sustainable, in world full of the word processedThat’s very important not only for us as adults to know but to teach to our young ones as well.

The Chopped Leaf Burlington is the first to open in Ontario. Another great Canadian company spreading their red and white wings and soaring high. I’m so glad they have chosen to open up in our community. Burlington Ont. has already given such a warm welcome to The Chopped Leaf. If you haven’t been there yet, get chopping and go in for a visit.

The Chopped Leaf

2335 Appleby Line

Burlington Ontario



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