The Bent Spoon
448 John St. Burlington Ontario
L7R 2K5

Have you ever had those evenings when you have had a brutal week, and you just sit on the couch open a bottle of wine and crack open a stick of cookie dough. Come On! We have all done it. Well check this out. The Bent Spoon has opened the first EDIBLE RAW COOKIE DOUGH BAR in Burlington Ontario. Owners Murray & Jennifer Zher have taken their distinctive culinary skills and created this fantastic Edible Raw Cookie Dough Bar. Now some of you might be asking isn’t eating raw dough a bit dangerous to eat. The answer is “NO” there are no raw eggs in this product its all made under some serious scientific rules that The Bent Spoon follows quite diligently.

The Bent Spoon creates all flavors in-house and is always coming up with some wild creations for this fun food. Sugar Cookie & Bacon, Mocha, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip, & Reese’s Peanut Butter to name a few. I brought some of Da Clubhouse Kids with me to try this wicked treat and they were not disappointed, asking me when are we coming back here. This creative delectable dessert is sure to cure any sweet tooth in its path. Some other great features to this product is it doesn’t melt, it travels well, you can enjoy it in a cone or cup, and if you can’t finish it, you can take it home and enjoy it later. The sweet texture and luscious taste when it hits your mouth just takes away all your problems for that day, its ingenious!

The Bent Spoon also serves up some great cuisine, with a back story. When you look around this quaint eatery look closely at the walls, old school recipes grace the walls with original recipes from family roots, which is the inspiration of The Bent Spoon even down to the Diary on the wall with Murray’s grandmother watching over him.
Homemade soups, Panini sandwiches, French pressed coffee, loose leaf teas, salads and so much more.

The Bent Spoon prides itself on using local ingredients and you can taste the homage paid not only to Murray’s family roots, but also many years of the respected culinary skills behind the Chefs Jacket. I had to try some of the other quality’s that The Bent Spoon offers such as the Savory Panini’s.

The Bent Ham Swiss was my pick a fresh Panini toasted with sliced ham, melted Swiss, pommery mustard, and peaches. It was sweet, savoury, & penchant, it was a beautiful contrast how all the flavours come together in each pleasurable bite. Homemade pickles come with each Panini served at The Bent Spoon. Murray’s son specially made my pickles. Another proud moment of bringing family into the kitchen “Carson pickles” were delightful and brought back memories of my grandmother’s homemade pickles.

My colleague ordered The Big Pig prosciutto, bacon, sliced ham, mozzarella, red peppers, greens, and a sun-dried tomato aioli. As her side soup a piping hot bowl of Red Lentil soup with Prosciutto & Parmesan. It sounds mouth-watering, the name itself says it all it’s pig-a-lish in my books. Let’s talk soups, The Bent Spoon serves six different soups everyday and once they are gone, they are gone. The Bent Spoon is always thinking up unique flavours of soups to serve. I ordered the Spilt Pea & Ham a favorite of mine and a soup I grew up on. A subtle shade of fresh calming green split pea soup arrives, with precise nuggets of ham & pleasant seasonings warming my soul. With every warm velvety spoonful, I just imagine myself sitting in my den, with my knitted blanket watching old home movies. My hands embracing my hot bowl of homemade soup. It’s Comfort Food.

Murray & Jennifer Zher are quite the neighbourhood celebrities, greeting everyone that walks in by name and if they don’t know you, they will by the time you leave. The Bent Spoon is very inviting and all about family, with retro colors of Avocado Green, Electric Purples & Burnt Orange it’s almost like heading over to relatives place to hang out and have some fantastic eats. For those of you who grew up in a time when these colors were the hot commodities to have, you know what I speak of.

The Bent Spoon continues to support Burlington Ontario with using local suppliers, employing culinary students, and taking this once small family community and helping  to keep growing it into the larger family community it has become. After all, isn’t it all about KEEPING IT IN THE FAMILY!

I am honored to know Murray & Jennifer Zher a husband and wife team that has managed to enlighten us with many of their culinary skills, and help their customers understand what LOCAL means one seed at a time.





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