Table 34
1455 Lakeshore Rd. East
Burlington Ont.
L7S 2J1

I visit my share of restaurants throughout the year, but I never thought in a million years that the one restaurant I would visit, I would soon become very good acquaintances with. When I first met the owners of Table 34, I had reviewed another one of their restaurants in Hamilton Ont. and was very intrigued with it. In fact, when they told me that Table 34 was opening in Burlington Ont. and they owned it I had to go see for myself.
Located on Lakeshore Ave E. overlooking Spencer Smith Park with an unforgettable view of the water. Table 34 has a very modern, chic, and yet a very home town feel about it. As you enter you see the imported wines for offer on the wall, and the welcoming bar just waiting to pour you a Table 34 cocktail, perhaps a draught of your choice, or let an aromatic red wine breath for a bit as you pour it into your wine glass.

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I brought about 20 guests with me, we were celebrating a very special occasion my son’s Communion. I had sat down weeks prior with one of the owners and we put together a set meal for everyone. Table 34 was very accommodating with my guest needs allergies, vegetarians, and Da Kids. We started off by welcoming everyone with a glass of Prosecco and a wild berry cherry inside, waiting for the jollification to begin.
Table 34 presented a Anti Pasti Platter a large plate served family style with Italian Calabrese Salami, roasted peppers, sweet pickles, artichokes, cranberry compote, grilled calamari, sliced tomatoes with a pesto, fior de latte, balsamic reduction drizzle & sliced baguette. All right! this dish is pure heaven for any Italian. Whether you just want to taste a little bit of everything or take your baguette and start layering with fresh ingredients. It’s the perfect starter for any table because you can enjoy a little bit of everything. It also leaves you with much anticipation, on the next dish that will be coming out of the Table 34 kitchen.

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I gave my guests the option of Steak or Salmon, how can I be Da Butchers Daughter if I did not offer some sort of meat dish. The Steak Frites which was an 8oz beef sirloin cooked to spec of each guest that ordered it, with a creamy truffle aioli and crispy golden hand cut fries. Each one of my guests was very pleased, I even had to sneak a bite. The sirloin was so tender, light & lean I just needed my fork.
I had to go off the grid and order the Seared Salmon and it was a hearty portion of fresh salmon, but visually this dish was stunning to look at. An alluring piece of seared salmon, bright pink seared to perfection with a delicate buttery lemon herb finesse in each forkful. This dish was extremely bright with honey roasted carrots, sweet potatoes, and fingerlings potatoes in a duck confit with a drizzle of balsamic reduction.Table 34 hit this dish right on point with taste, as each bite was more intense with flavor and I was jubilant after enjoying this powerful dish.


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My Little Culinary Consultant our honored guest, ordered the Pizza now if you follow me religiously you will probably know that this Pizza is what started this whole beautiful engaging relationship. This pizza has been spoken about for a year and a bit now and they both became reunited and were very overjoyed. The One Duke Pizza has now become the Table 34 trademark for my son. Crisp homemade pizza baked fresh to order with fresh tomato sauce, basil pesto, & fior de latte. Each bite more enjoyable than the next, the thin crust was delightful and full of European descent.

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Table 34 also took care of the rest of my Culinary Kids by offering choice of chicken fingers & fries or a Kids Burger, while waiting for these kids dishes to arrive, Table 34 served fresh-cut vegetables & dip. The kids are happy and Mom’s & Dad’s are pleased with a healthy snack.

When it came to dessert Table 34 knew what my party was in the mood for. We had a choice of Sweet & Salty Cake or Cheesecake. As I watched each dessert get placed down at our table my fork was very indecisive as to where to go first. I went in for the sweet & salty cake, a rich decadent dessert with a nutty salty caramel filled crust and a dense creamy chocolate cake, with white chocolate, nuts, and more gooey caramel with a bright zesty raspberry sauce. I can only describe this dessert as sinful & heavenly all at the same time. OMG!!! Its was fantastic!
The Table 34 cheesecake was elegant and sexy. A silky cream cheese filling with a delightful graham cracker crust. As it enters your mouth it just melts. A luscious forkful, and you are in a of trance of confusion, pleasure, and just pure content.

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Such a fabulous day for everyone, we had a fantastic experience and are happy to be part of the Table 34 family.

Tyler & Mike Thank you once again, it was Mighty Tidy day indeed!
Thank you, Table 34 for the Gummy Bears

Melinda Paletta

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Melinda Paletta

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