Mythos Greek Cuisine & Wine Bar

I am always on the lookout for new restaurants opening up. It’s what I do. When Mythos Greek Cuisine and Wine Bar, decided to come to Burlington, Ontario I was so excited to go and try this place out. Mythos Greek Cuisine and Wine Bar is owned by Chef Andreas Yerondais, and he is bringing his Greek traditions to Burlington. Chef Andreas has a similar resemblance to Antonio Banderas yes ladies accent and all. The atmosphere is chic, elegant, and quite inviting. The aromatic scents of Oregano, Basil, Thyme, Mint, Garlic, & Dill are all around you, it’s authentic Greek. The staff is very welcoming, inviting you in like family. Mythos menu brings you to the Mediterranean, with dishes from Chef Andreas’s home land Cyprus. This chef loves what he does, creating spectacular works of art threw his food & array of wines. I love Kalamari so I started with that as my appetizer. I had it fried & grilled, it was delightful, lightly fried and grilled to perfection served with homemade tzatziki sauce. I loved the tzatziki sauce. The herbs were popping in my mouth with freshness. I loved it so much, I was eating Little C’s fries with it. I also ordered a salad ( I know you may say its boring). This salad was a Hortosalata which means grilled vegetables in Greek and I received just that.

A hearty portion of grilled zucchini, peppers, baby spinach, romaine lettuce, feta cheese & grilled chicken all dressed with a house honey balsamic dressing. My Hortosalata was savory, flavorful, delicious, very filling & very healthy. If your worried that this little Greek paradise is not kid friendly, don’t worry they love kids. Mythos has a kids menu with the Greek Alphabet on the back, hey why not let the kids learn a little Greek. The kids portions are a perfect size for little palates, and ice cream comes afterwards. Little C was there and he can prove it. Mythos Souvlaki was above all, the best way I have ever seen this dish served. The presentation was beautiful, and the tenderness of the lamb was point on, with the marinade & seasonings which just brought everything together. I was so impressed with Mythos, as I watched Chef Andreas walk around to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves, as well as their Mediterranean experience. I was relaxed, just watching and seeing how Mythos functions. I thought it could not get any better, until dessert. I was served Feta Cheesecake. At first I was skeptical, I thought it would be crumbly & very salty. It was the “BEST” cheesecake I have “EVER” had. This cheesecake knocked me off my butcher block and I do not say that very often. This smooth & silky sweet & savory right down to the candied walnuts it is served with, was decadent. This feta cheesecake is made in house by Chef Andreas himself. I have never had anything like it. The next dinner party I have, I want this cheesecake.

I asked Chef Andreas why open in Burlington.

He answered me “I’m in the heart of everything, I want to give Burlington a taste of my home, its my Love to Cook and Create and I want to it share with Burlington”

There are no plates being thrown at Mythos Greek Cuisine and Wine Bar. Just extraordinary Mediterranean cuisine. I had a great experience and I wish Mythos all the best. Welcome to Burlington!


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Melinda Paletta

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