With the warm spring like weather finally coming around. I thought I would take a drive. I ended up in Hamilton, Ontario. I was in the mood for a Cannoli. It is known that the Cannoli is about welcoming Spring back. I stopped at this bakery totally unknown to me. So as I asked this Bakery owner if I can do a write up about him and the bakery, there were some ground rules and I’m going to respect him. First off this Italian Baker of Calabria descent was so modest, I love that. Secondly he’s not big on exposure, he’s like a movie star, you know he’s there but you don’t want to draw to much attention to him. For his product will suffer and he does not want that. Its about quality not quantity. I will say this, the Cannolis in this bakery are to die for. The light & crunchy tube filled pastry, with sweet, fresh, rich, smooth ricotta filling inside is delectable. I was in Cannoli heaven, here’s the catch… you ready…. I cant tell you where this Cannoli resides. I am going to challenge everyone to take a drive to Hamilton Ontario and try to find this Bakery with the delectable pastries inside. Once you think you have found it, EMAIL ME dabutchersdaughter@gmail.com. I will purchase a dozen Cannolis to the first five people who think they have found my Cannoli Connection.


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Melinda Paletta

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