Industria Pizzeria & Bar
1860 Appleby Line
Burlington Ontario L7L 7H7

Industria Pizzeria & Bar has come to Burlington Ontario and I could not be more ecstatic. Located on Appleby Line this bright, rustic, refreshing Italian eatery is taking authentic Italian recipes and putting their own spin on such classic dishes as gnocchi, arancini, fresh pastas, meatballs and so many more Italian dishes we have grown up on. Industria Pizzeria & Bar have taken careful consideration with the open concept of their dining room. A distressed brick wall stands with pride acknowledging to everyone the difference between the alcoholic bar and the dessert bar. When you look around you will notice there is no television in the main dining area, which I loved, the owners want to promote conversation while you dine. There are T.V’s in the bar area, and one in the private dining room with the option of posting photos on the giant screen for your guests to enjoy, what a fabulous idea, again promoting conversation while you enjoy some of the many great dishes Industria has to offer. The concept is very simple, it’s all about family, food, and enjoyment.

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We start with a SFIZI (An Italian word for craving). Mozzarella di bufala, prosciutto di Parma, red pepper agrodolce served with Italian toasted crusty bread & drizzled with pure olive oil. This dish was lovely delicate sliced specialty imported cured prosciutto, and tender mozzarella with sweet and sour peppers. I layered my crusty bread and it was spectacular. This is fabulous as you are enjoying this dish you can just look at all the cured meats hanging in the Industria cantina. It’s a Beautiful site.
Industria’s Eggplant parmigiana, is just three ingredients tender eggplant, sweet fresh mozzarella, rich and savory tomato sauce. These fresh layers of European flavors put together, made such an outstanding tasting dish. I’m still praising it today to people.

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You don’t come to a pizzeria and order a burger even though it’s on the menu, you come for the PIZZA. A stunning bright red mosaic state of the art pizza oven imported from Italy, is the super star of this restaurant. This beautiful baking chamber prepares pizzas in four minutes, that’s amazing. I order the Calabrese pizza with made in-house tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, spicy soppressata & fresh basil. I watch the pizza chef prepare, knead, stretch, and add my toppings, as she places it in the fiery red oven, my mouth waters and four minutes seems like a lifetime, but it arrives. This glamorous pizza is filled with so many scents, I just inhale the aroma of all the fresh ingredients. I can’t wait to take a bite, a light airy dough with a delicate chew, the thin crust & crispy charred edges, the sweet taste of tomato sauce, it was spicy, and authentic and each bite before more memorable than the next. This dish also came with giant scissors to cut your slices any way you want, it’s funny because I remember my Nona using such scissors to cut fabric with lol. I thought it was quite stylish. People always tell me Italy pizza is DA best, I have never been to Italy, but if this is what Italy pizza tastes like. I enjoyed every mouthful.

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Don’t forget to enjoy a glass of wine or order a cocktail with your meal, Industria has beautiful wines from all over the European regions. Red, White and Prosecco on tap, not to mention a unique cocktail selection, and plenty of imported brews.

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Industria Pizzeria & Bar love kids as well with a kid’s menu that caters to any kid’s palate. My Junior Gourmet Consultant loved the penne pasta with freshly made in-house tomato sauce and of course had some of that scrumptious Calabrese pizza we spoke about.
Costolette Di Maiale translation… A thick half rack of succulent falls off the bone, juicy baby back ribs dripping in a fragrant balsamic lip smacking BBQ sauce. These baby back pork ribs were meaty, flavorful, and I loved the little bit of heat in each bite. Served with sweet potato fries with a unique sharpness to them and a fresh Caesar salad.

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Industria Pizzeria & Bar take desserts very seriously as well, with recipes that have been passed down from generations and at the same time they are also taking desserts to a different level of sweetness. Homemade Italian salted caramel gelato so creamy and decadent with a touch of saltiness. Tiramisu from a family recipe so lavish and comforting, each cloudy bite of rich coffee, moist Italian cookie, and smooth mascarpone with a touch of liquor was more gratifying than the next. Our Nutella pizza was a beautiful site, fried dough with cannoli filling down the middle and drizzled with much Nutella. Each gooey bite of this dessert was fantastic, and I love the wicked spin Industria put on this classic but amazing dessert.

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Thank-you Stefani, Geoff, Peters, Guy, Chef Pura, Roberto, & Naval for making us part of the Industria Familia.
Industria Pizzeria & Bar has taken the pizza industry to a whole new level of genuine taste, Welcome to Burlington. Auguri!

Melinda Paletta

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