October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, it hits a special note with me. So when Hero Certified Burgers came out with the Lets Be a Hero and Beet Cancer I was all over it. Hero Certified Burgers in Burlington Ont. is promoting a “Think Pink Burger” made of beet juice from Ace Bakery. This Breast Cancer think pink burger is made up of Canadian Angus beef, raspberry goat cheese, pink slaw, all put together in a pink beet bun. Healthy and fun right…..wrong. I have to say this burger was one of the most tasteless burgers I have ever had my tastebuds endure. The Canadian Angus 4 oz beef was a let down, a flavourless pattie that was luke warm, soggie slaw, and there was no raspberry in the goat cheese I received. My immune system was quite upset for the whole evening. I find this disappointing, only because I support companies that go that extra mile to help make money to find a cure for Breast Cancer, or any type of Cancer. I myself have seen many family members go threw their own battle with this deadly disease. I’m going to say I supported you this year Hero’s Certified Burgers but only for the cause. I will definitely think twice before entering your establishment ever again. I hope for every dollar you raised in selling your “Think Pink Burger” you served up a better product than the one you served me. I also went out on a limb and tried your Bamboo Charcoal Bun burger, soggy stale onions ( nothing crisp about them) wilted lettuce, there was suppose to be a tomato but it was no where to be found, and the Swiss cheese was cold not nearly melted, and once again a tasteless 4oz Canadian Angus pattie. My whole visit to the this burger joint was a major disappointment. I think it’s time for Hero Certified Burgers to find a new Hero.

Ladies & Gentlemen despite my unsavoury visit. Let’s get serious for a moment. Please go to your doctor regularly, get checked out. October may be Breast Cancer Awarness month but for me, every month is awareness month. Stay Healthy, Eat Well, Love Everything!

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Melinda Paletta

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