Familia Fine Foods
17-3245 Harvester Rd.
Burlington Ontario

There has been such a Latin following that has come to Burlington Ont. & I find it exciting because although Burlington is already such a happening city, we could always use a little more spice. Familia Fine Foods has brought the Latin culture to us, and I am loving it.
Luis Velasquez & Juliana Berrio owners of this exciting eatery, have taken their Latin roots and are making mouth-watering dishes. Familia Fine Foods prepares daily homemade dishes such as soups, salads, burritos, burrito bowls & homemade desserts. Familia Fine Foods is all about fresh wholesome ingredients, and the menu changes all the time to accommodate our seasons, something Luis takes great pride in. Luis & Juliana both stressing to me that fresh daily dishes are what keeps our customers coming back. “Handmade with LOVE” is the mission statement of Familia Fine Foods.

“When you enter Familia Fine Foods you immediately become part of the family.”

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With a warm, rustic, and vibrant Latin love all over this eatery, it’s no wonder the dining room is packed with customers. Latin cuisine has as exotic flare to it, & I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the Burrito I ordered. Tender shredded seasoned picadillo chicken with light and fluffy rice, soft velvety black beans, fresh tomatoes, lettuce, corn, queso seco cheese, and a dollop of herb sour cream. So many flavors are just escalating in my mouth, hints of cilantro, Latin spices, textures of so many fresh ingredients all coming together, with each bite an experience on its own. An intriguing wrapped package made with much love.

Familia Fine Foods also features a Burrito bowl it is the same ingredients as the Burrito of course, but without the wrap. This dish still has that fresh, flavorful & exciting taste.

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Familia Fine Foods features daily specials and they go fast, Green Rice & Chicken Bake with a side salad, was the special of the day when I went for lunch. I thought to myself green rice mmmmm…. this dish was extremely large portioned, and it was hearty, hot and quite distinct with its flavors. Seasoned chicken with green rice, baked in a broth. This dish had a beautiful queso fresco cheese char a top with bread like crumble. Don’t worry guys my green rice was seasoned cilantro & parsley get it now…green rice. I really enjoyed this dish, it was like having a beautiful hearty stew that I could eat with a fork. It’s the type of dish you can have on a cold winter day and just feel warm all-day long.

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Familia Fine Foods also takes pride in all desserts they make in-house. I had my eye on what I can simply call Latin Love Pound cake. This dessert looks like simple pound cake, but it is not. With each delicate mouthful you can taste layers of sweet, light &, airy cake. Light hints of vanilla, condensed milk, sugar & and a scrumptious dense underlay of buttery cake bottom. Now if I had my way I would probably drizzle some Dulce de Leche over top. This dessert went perfect with my Columbian coffee another delight served at Familia Fine Foods “We all know, that we love our coffee with dessert”

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Familia Fine Foods also caters to small and large parties, corporate events, private functions and so much more. They also offer prepared meals for you to come in and take home or have delivered right to your door. Familia Fine Foods menu offers a taco bar, its fantastic for large gatherings, the taco bar has all the amenities of putting a taco together. It is displayed in a most beautiful array of soft warm tortillas & hard taco shells, fresh avocado, homemade salsa, crème fresh, your choice of chicken or beef & the entertainment of putting it together with friends or family around. I thought this was a very different way of bringing everyone to the table. Familia Fine Foods also has this service available for take out, so you can enjoy healthy meals in the comforts of your own home. All-Natural No Preservatives & Locally sourced Well Done!

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Luis and Juliana both worked in the corporate world, and although they may have enjoyed the hustle and bustle of that world. It was just not fulfilling their inner Utopia, they both took their love of cooking, Latin heritage, and most importantly family & Familia Fine Foods was created. Familia Gratam! Welcome to the Family!

With much Latin Love all over this eatery I am glad they have become part of Burlington’s Family.


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Melinda Paletta

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  1. Luis Velasquez


    Hi Melinda, how are you ?
    Thanks for the nice words in your blog, we loved it, … very complete and detailed …
    We would love to see you soon, when are you stopping by our location ?
    See you soon,
    Luis & Juliana


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