Curbside Grill & Curbside Burgers
224 Ottawa St. N
Hamilton Ont.

With the somewhat fading of the Food Truck Frenzy, I am seeing the Food Trucks turn into smaller restaurants like Curbside Grill & Curbside Burgers located on Ottawa St. N in Hamilton Ont. A small little eatery with a somewhat curb appeal. I enter and see Christopher Walken starting at me with a stern face stating Walkens Welcome! it was a clever play on words. Curbside Grill & Curbside Burgers started out as a Food Truck specializing in burgers, and other street eats, and to this day they still practice making these famous burgers from their food truck making appearances all over. I notice Ottawa St. becoming the next food truck alley not only with food trucks parked along the road at times, but with brick and mortar locations as well. With my appetite growing and craving a burger, I could not wait to sit and get served.

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To start I had ordered the grilled calamari, for those who know me I always try to order something unusual just to see how the establishment handles it. If your going to put it on the menu, you must deliver. This starter must have really put a curb in the kitchen, either that or they actually went fishing for my calamari. This appetizer felt like it took forever, but in saying this it was worth the wait. A beautiful display of grilled calamari arrived resting in a buttery garlic sauce with olive oil, and a balsamic reduction. This dish was most acceptable for my palate, with each bite exploding with savory flavors.

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I will have the Classic Curbside Burger please, a homemade all beef patty, crisp lettuce, fresh ruby-red tomatoes, shaved thinly red Spanish onions, ketchup, mayo, and my favorite a crunchy dill pickle, which really puts all the elements of a burger together. A hearty portion this burger was and served on a brioche bun. As most of you know, I have had many burgers in my life time, was it as exceptional as mine…. hell no! but it was a suitable tasting burger. Fresh hand cut fries came along side with this dish and they were fantastic with just the right amount of salt not to overpower these golden sticks. Curbside Grill & Curbside Burgers hold true to their word, they make a good burger.

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The Steak Sandwich that Curbside Grill & Curbside Burgers promotes is quite impressive, a grilled striploin, quite tender and seasoned just right, with swiss cheese, sautéed mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, (sister to the button mushroom but with interesting health benefits) & a tangy horseradish mayo served on a fresh crusty Panini. This dish is packed with so many flavors that it really has its own personality. Each mighty bite proving to curb any meat lover’s appetite.









My Junior Gourmet Consultant ordered a favorite of just about everyone I know, French toast and that’s what I liked about Curbside Grill & Curbside Burgers they cater to all cravings. Weekend Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. An abundance of golden slices of French toast lightly dusted with a cinnamon sugary snowfall. Light and fluffy this Curbside French Toast did not need any maple tree sauce it was fantastic on its own. If you notice my little gourmet consultant could not wait for me to snap my photo, he couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into this dish. Served with home fries.









Here’s the part where Curbside Grill & Curbside Burgers goes off the grid, CARROT CAKE! My carrot cake journey continues, and this is becoming quite the competition between many establishments I visit. This homemade sweet and savory dessert was placed in front of me. It was full of tender slivers of carrots, a harvest of spices, and cream cheese icing everywhere, with toasted coconut dancing all around this delectable dessert. Moist carrot cake with every mouthful, and all the excitement of that beautiful homemade cream cheese icing in one forkful. It was outstanding. This dessert is defiantly going on my top five of DA BEST Carrot Cakes I have ever had.

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I had mentioned earlier in this review that Curbside Grill & Curbside Burgers had a somewhat of a curb appeal. I will tell you why I said this. When I took a visit to this place my colleague did not want to go in, saying it did not look appealing. Don’t ever judge an establishment by its outside some of the best eateries, restaurants, and dives don’t have the best curb appeal, but they have the best grub. Intrigue your taste buds everyday.
Curbside Grill & Curbside Burgers has taken Ottawa St. in Hamilton Ontario and has made it a Curbalicious experience.

Melinda Paletta

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Melinda Paletta

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