August restaurant review

August! That in between month that’s Summer time and not quite Autumn. So when I had lunch at August Restaurant in Beamsville Ont. I thought what an odd name. So I asked, why the name August. They told me it’s the best time of the month, to get all the freshest  fruits and vegetables. They are right! in August you can get Strawberries, Peaches, Cherries, Eggplant, Green Beans, Peppers and so much more.

So when August restaurant prepares their menu they always have a bountiful plethora of ingredients to work with. This cheerful Bistro also works with its local farmers and butchers supporting each others business. August restaurant is quite bright, and has a farm like way about them as you enter through the main foyer. The two chairs at the kitchen bar, really said it all to me. August restaurant is a big family and they want their customers to feel that way as well. They have large bright white dishes all in a line, ready for the chef to plate up, and it’s very welcoming, with a great outside patio. I was also told way back in the day it was a brothel, my god if those walls could talk. The staff is very knowledgeable with the menu, again another great key point, it shows they love where they work and the communication between the wait staff and the kitchen is very important. The menu is fabulous just to read. With all dishes being prepared by a very creative chef. You can tell that August restaurant is a labor of love. The soup of the day was Minestrone and it was a full helping of thick tomato broth packed with hearty, chunky vegetables, it was a meal in itself. My Caesar salad was another large portion of crisp romaine lettuce, bacon, croutons, Asiago cheese, and a creamy made in-house roasted garlic creamy dressing.

My Caesar was made to Hail! the dressing was so creamy it attached itself to each romaine lettuce leaf, and my blacked tender chicken breast that was feathered over my Caesar, was seasoned to perfection, it was crispy and flavorful. Each bite was so quite pleasing to my mouth.

The Beef Burger Sliders were no disappointment, two mouth-watering  juicy home-made mini beef patties with aged cheddar & bacon, in between two fresh buttermilk buns. Some people may think sliders are just appetizers, August restaurant made them a meal. All entrées come prepared with a fresh green salad, and your choice of homemade dressing. The presentation and small details that August restaurant puts into every dish is astounding.

The locals love August restaurant, when I asked a few people how’s your lunch this afternoon. I received nothing but fantastic compliments, and the patrons were telling me, they have been coming to August restaurant for years, so that pretty much say’s it all. August restaurant is not only a great month with so many possibilities for ingredients. It’s also where awesome people go to eat. Hey….I’m Awesome! So that makes me part of the August restaurant family.

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Melinda Paletta

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