Wundeba Restaurant
4448 Guelph Line
Burlington Ontario L7P 0N2

I have always tried to eat healthy, sure I slip up now and then but I try to always keep somewhat of a rainbow on my plate. When I came across Wundeba Restaurant in Burlington Ontario, I was quite interested to see what Wundeba was all about. Located along Guelph line you would hardly think an eatery like this would be there, but it is.
A grey coloured building which I found odd for a healthy way of being, but I was surprised when I entered. I am right away acknowledged with a warm welcome. Philippe & Sjonum Awalia St-Cyr are the owners of this creative establishment, Philippe who is enthusiastic about eating well for your body, and Sjonum a Yoga instructor as well as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, brings the mind and spirit into this establishment.

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As I sit down I notice that there is not that breakfast greasy spoon smell you usually get from breakfast places. Wundeba has a clean Aura about it, and just as I am saying that Philippe comes over and sits down with me, he explains his concept of Wundeba and its healthy way. Philippe explains that there are good fats and bad fats, they concentrate on just the good, importing oils from Spain, Italy, Greece and then some. Philippe also explains when you eat well, you feel well with your whole body, spirit, and mind which is Wundeba’s mission statement. This may sound self-explanatory to most of you, but what you choose to put in your body plays a big factor on how you live.
Wundeba concentrates on using organic and local ingredients. They even offer Yoga every Sunday at 10:00am weather permitting on the patio, let by Sjonum herself. Which brings me to the beautiful outdoor patio and lush grounds Wundeba has to offer as well, a perfect setting for Yoga or enjoying a lovely meal, with winsome scenery. I think that is a funky and excellent way to start your Sunday morning. Wundeba also caters to private parties.

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Fresh pressed juices which consist of Coconuts, Watermelon, and other delicious fruits and veggies, Lemonade made with Himalayan salt, Cactus Nectar & Kombucha on tap intrigued yet…it gets better. Homemade soups, Sandwiches, Salads, Burgers, Wings, and it keeps going. I went in for breakfast, & started with Fresh pressed watermelon juice with a hint of lime, it was ice-cold and so refreshing the only thing I probably would have put in my juice was some crushed basil (it’s the Italian in me).
Wundeba offers so many healthy choices for breakfast from impressive omelettes representing different cultures such as German, Indian, & Louisiana omelettes all made with fresh ingredients there are twelve beautiful choices of omelettes. My colleague has chosen the Japanese omelette a light and airy omelette enrobed with shrimp, Japanese rice, tender enoki mushrooms, scallions & soy sauce. My colleague not only embraced every bite, but could not stop saying it was the best omelette he has ever had. Wundeba also caters to kids, my Little C ordered pancakes, and a generous portion of buckwheat pancakes, fruit, whipped cream, and Ontario maple syrup. So, light, & pleasant these healthy flapjacks did not need any maple syrup at all, you could enjoy these pancakes just on their own. Now I like eggs…but not sunny side up and in saying this, one dish really caught my interest. Eggs in a Nest! Two scrumptious sunny side eggs, resting on Rosti potatoes & grilled Swiss Sourdough melts with a grilled tomato seasoned sunflower.

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My sunny side eggs were pure white like two angel wings, and my yokes so bright it was like having two suns just staring at me. Remember I spoke of the imported oil’s, these eggs tasted like eggs no greasy after taste they were delicious, the Rosti potatoes were crispy and delicate great for having that pure soft & silky yolk pour all over them. My Sourdough bites with Swiss in between them were perfect for dipping in my yolk as well. This dish also comes with Fresh Pressed O.J so there was a lot of sunshine all around me. It was wonderful to my palate. The flavors of fresh ingredients were all over this dish, and this is what Wundeba thrives itself on.

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Wundeba retrieved its name because of the German roots in the family, even sending a sibling to Germany to learn the baking skills of German desserts. Siana the Head Pastry chef and baker at Wundeba baked fresh that day a German Black Forest Cake made with real cocoa, which is the purest form of chocolate. The tender cherries, luscious whipped cream in between each layer and moist chocolate cake was decadent & delectable. To date this is DA BEST Black Forest Cake I have ever wrapped my lips around.

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The servers are all well-informed as well, as I asked about peanut allergies, celiac disease, & gluten-free options. I was told that Wundeba will work with any dietary needs you may have, and that is also important in today’s world. I enjoyed myself so much at Wundeba, how could you not, wonderful people just trying to make a difference in such a fast-paced world, you really need to stop and smell what the world has to offer.

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I can’t wait to come back and try some other Wun-derful things Wundeba has to offer, I may even try a Yoga class. Wundeba has taken the European way of living and brought it to Burlington Ontario teaching all its patrons that visit, it’s about fresh ingredients and knowing how to bring traditional eating into everyday life. It’s about feeding your Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Namaste and Eat Well!


Melinda Paletta

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