A piece of Sunshine has come to Burlington Ontario. This sweet-smelling bakery is making Burlington a sweeter place to live. The owners of Son of a Peach Pizzeria another slice of Burlington’s great places to eat, have brought this brightly coloured doughnut paradise to us. They are presenting gourmet glazed doughnuts, with flavours of Chai & Cashews, Blackberry, Cherry Cheesecake, & Hibiscus Rose hip sounds scrumptious right!. They are, these largely yeast made doughnuts are so fluffy and large in portion you may want to share, but why when you can enjoy every delicious bite yourself.

The flavours are changing all the time, so don’t be disappointed when you go in for your favourite Sunshine pick. Sunshine Doughnuts are all made from scratch in-house, and once the doughnut of your choice is gone….ITS GONE. So get into Sunshine Doughnuts fast. Executive Chef & Manger Ashley Viksne is taking her creative baking style and coming up with new flavors for us to savor. Never the less I am glad Sunshine Doughnuts have decided to join the Burlington Community.

Come check out Sunshine Doughnuts, just follow the Giant Donut when you see it. Ashley when you make your bakery a car freshener let me know…. ahhhh forget it, I will just come in and get a dozen gourmet doughnuts. My car will smell Da-licious and my stomach will sing you are my Sunshine!

Sunshine Doughnuts Co.

439 Brock Ave.

Burlington Ontario




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Melinda Paletta

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