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Some of us dream about going to Paris France. The Eiffel Tower, the scenery of Love all around & for me it would be the bakeries & wonderful delectable pastries. I am always on the lookout for that one scrumptious pastry “THE ALMOND CROSSIANT” you laugh but it has been a mission of my cousin and I for years.
At Saving Thyme Catering & Patisserie in Burlington Ont. I have found it! Owners Alex & Phil Kinsman are always working hard to bring the best of the French experience to each customer that walks into their petit patisserie. Saving Thyme Catering & Patisserie is a quaint little place with a crisp & clean French vibe to it. As you walk in you immediately smell so many rousing scents, and when you see the display case of all the homemade desserts you may not know where to start.

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I went straight for the Almond Croissant. I stared at it, smelled it, and then broke it in half and smelled it again. The sweet smell of layers and layers of buttery pastry and the almond custard crème inside was luscious. I was so impressed that it was more pleasurable with each bite. When asked to share I said no way, my search is over. Saving Thyme Catering & Patisserie has by far DA-BEST almond croissant I have ever tasted. Macaroons so soft and chewy with a sweet creamy filling you feel like you are sitting in Eric Kayser’s bakery in Paris France. It doesn’t stop there this self-taught French pastry maker does so much more. Saving Thyme Catering & Patisserie prepares other dishes as well such as Chicken Confit on Wild Rice & Onion, Crepes, Croque Monsieur on Sourdough, Fresh Baked Breads, Homemade Soups, Quiche & Specialty coffees to go with anything you may order. The presentation of each dish is delightful as well, with so much detail, how can you not be impressed?

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When speaking to Alex and her husband Phil they tell me that they are always trying to create something different and very pleasing for everyone. They mention that some customers come in and want to see an array of different items. I disagree Bigger is not always better. Saving Thyme Catering & Patisserie strives on keeping things simple but extravagant. With the purest of ingredients, you can taste the difference between manufactured and homemade. I love that it’s a skill you rarely see in todays day and age.
Saving Thyme prepares all items from scratch, it starts by getting up at dawn. With such ingredients as fresh butter, fresh creams, top of line fruits & vegetables and lots and lots of heart. To be in this business you must have a true love to be creative, and these two owners have it. With everything going on in the kitchen Saving Thyme also does catering, and the menu is quite impressive. I would love to have a party and have it catered by Saving Thyme Catering & Patisserie. As I was enjoying each bite of each of my sweets, I also watched Chef Phil prepare for an event he had that very day. It never stops at this fabulous Patisserie.

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With all my indulges of Croissants, Macaroons, Pies, and many pastries & profiteroles. I am very confident that this little gem located in Burlington Ont. is now my little Paris get away. So, you may see me sitting in the large lounge chair located right in the front, looking very European with my dark glasses and large fancy hat, my Cappuccino & my decadent French treat.
This Computer Engineer & This Self-Taught pastry maker are bringing such joy to everyone with such wonderful pastries & innovative dishes.
The only negative thing I can say is, everyone looks a little exhausted in this catering & patisserie shop. Now is that really a negative thing…. Well… I guess not, after all they are working so hard at Saving us Thyme.

Bon Appetite!

Melinda Paletta


Melinda Paletta

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