One Duke Restaurant & Lounge

One Duke Restaurant & Lounge
1 Duke St.
Hamilton Ont.
L8P 1W9


Today I took a visit to One Duke Restaurant & Lounge located in Hamilton Ontario. I couldn’t help but notice it sits adjacent to the Amisfield Castle a historical monument that was in its day a Hamilton landmark, and today still stands that way. Yes, I love my History and with so much of it around in my own backyard I keep busy.

One Duke Restaurant & Lounge was the service quarters to the Amisfield Castle staff, so I could not wait to get in and see this awesome eatery. With a warm greeting on the message board outside. I was not only flattered but really appreciated the warm thought. Original stone on the outside and warm tones on the inside its clear this place holds much character.
With a memorable salutation by Tyler Misiak owner of One Duke Restaurant & Lounge, I knew this was going to be an entertaining experience. Tyler gives me a bit of education on his historic eatery, from the tables made by students from his old high school, the natural wood & brick elements, the art that highlights local places, right down to the place perhaps being haunted? History & Paranormal in one establishment, Am I intrigued! Yes, I am.

One Duke also pays very close attention to every detail, the music playing is an acoustic array of pop songs, Tyler tells me the lighting plays a great factor as well, not only in the front of the house but in the back of the house as well, highlighting that lighting is mood effective for his staff as well as his patrons dining is his lounge. When I think of One Duke I assume it’s an English eatery, with English cuisine, but in fact the menu is quite diverse.

One Duke incorporates all cultures into its menu & the Chef in the kitchen has an array of culinary knowledge. One thing One Duke is proud of, are there Oysters on the half shell straight from Prince Edward Country, freshly shucked to order oysters with grated Horseradish and three sauces for you to enjoy these delicate ostreoidea’s. This dish comes served with lemon wedges & homemade cocktail sauce, scotch bonnet hot sauce, and a shallot Merlot vinaigrette which was my favorite. Although nervous to try the edible salt water treat, I quite enjoyed them.
One Duke serves a fantastic thin crust pizza, I had Tyler prepare a cheese pizza for my Little C and I had a few bites, this thin layer of delicate crisp, perfectly cooked homemade pizza crust, with cracked pepper along the edges was delightful. Our grilled Calamari appetizer got the ball rolling, with a marinated grilled jumbo calamari cylinder arriving at our table, served on a bed of mixed greens, lemon butter sauce, olive oil, balsamic reduction drizzle, & a scotch bonnet mayo. All I can say about this dish is the few bites I did get to take, it was exquisite from presentation right down to each savory bite which complimented each part of this dish.

The Duke Curry Bowl was no disappointment fresh seasonal vegetables, tender chicken, in a homemade Thai coconut curry sauce served with Jasmin rice and warm Nann Bread. Tyler I’m still chuckling that you asked me if I wanted this dish vegetarian. The warm aromatic scents that surrounded this dish was pure heavenly. The warm flavors of these Indian ingredients were luxurious and every spoonful was more exhilarating than the next.

Every English pub has Fish & Chips, One Duke presented a plentiful piece of tender beer battered golden Haddock, it was light and flakey & served with homemade coleslaw, tartar sauce, and your choice of regular or sweet potato fries. Now what’s a great eatery without Beers and Lagers and One Duke has what you’re looking for, from Wines, Cocktails, Stouts, Ciders, and their own One Duke Lager. Not sure what wine to order with your meal, look closely at the wine list it educates you with a number system on your red and whites, and which one will compliment your meal.

One Duke gets busy quick, and Tyler has his front house down to an art. As I look around and listen I hear the next table visiting from Australia and staying with locals. The one women says every time I visit I am always eating and drinking, and they could not have picked a better place to share a table than One Duke Restaurant & Lounge. A family business that welcomes all into their inner-circle, and is now part of Hamilton’s family as well.

From this Da-Chess to One Duke Restaurant & Lounge Thank you for a great afternoon see you soon.



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