On A Bun
Italian Sandwiches
2388 Fairview Street, Unit # 5
Burlington Ontario L7R 2E4

When I worked in Toronto, so close to “Little Italy” St. Clair Ave W. I was never shy of finding the perfect Italian Sandwich. I have now moved to the suburbs, and it’s a tough search for that European taste I long for now and then. I stumbled upon On a Bun in Burlington Ont. Mary-Beth Liuzzi owner of this Italian goldmine greets me, and I automatically feel like I’m in my Zia’s kitchen (Zia being Aunt in Italian) Mary-Beth is outgoing, discerning, proud, & is all about family, and that’s how you are treated when you enter ON A BUN.

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What I found was a breath of fresh air was ON A BUN’S menu it’s just like the name. Veal, chicken, eggplant, meatball, steak, sausage, onion & veggies what ever your preference is its ON A BUN- ITALIAN SANDWICHES. Toppings of cheese, mushrooms, rapini, sweet peppers, onions, and more can grace your sandwich. Oddio! “OH, MY GOD” What do I see SOPPRESSATA, CACCIATORE, & DRY SAUSAGE, I’m impressed, I needed to see if there was that authentic taste, and these Italian chips as I call them delivered full on authenticity. Sweet with a hint of fire to these dry cured delicacies, I could not just eat one and before I knew it the bag was done. I ordered a few things starting with a veal sandwich, a generous portion of juicy & moist breaded veal, succulent rapini, and sautéed mushrooms with homemade tomato sauce (gravy, juice, ragu) whatever you want to call it. I wanted to take my bread head to the kitchen and just dunk all day long in the sauce. With delicate hints of Italian herbs and spices it’s a worthy sweet and spicy tomato sauce.

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This Italian Sandwich was served on a fresh bun, so fresh I could have slept on this bun that’s how soft it was, and the whole sandwich came together with each scrumptious bite. My Eggplant Sandwich was next another heaping portion of seasoned, savory, and tender breaded eggplant, provolone cheese with my delicious sauce all put together ON A BUN put me in Rome sitting at the Trevi Fountain wishing I had another Italian Sandwich from ON A BUN. The kids are taken care of as well, offering smaller Italian sandwiches, still delivering the authentic Italian taste. Don’t forget to have a Brio with your sandwich it’s the national soft drink of Italy and rare to find.

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ON A BUN also caters parties, gatherings or just a lazy Sunday with la Familia with a plethora of items to choose from, Sausage & Vegetables, Spinach & Cheese Cannelloni, & Meatball Trays which I tried a Meatball and it was spiced right, good meat ratio, and it was packed with robust flavor.

All fantastic dishes I grew up with, ON A BUN prepares everything homemade and you can taste it. Mary-Beth is genuine, she even has her son learning the business as well, as he prepares in the kitchen what ever you order. I like that, when you can walk into an establishment and be treated like family, as Italians we pride ourselves on this. Mary-Beth also gives back to the community with the charitable organizations she is involved with.

Here’s a piece of history for you, as you walk into ON A BUN you will notice the famous photo of the “AMERICAN GIRL IN ITALY” This born American girl, but then became Canadian by marriage and residing near Burlington Ont. some time ago, has grown up with this famous photo and has loved every minute of it. Take a read from the article below in the shop it’s quite fascinating. I even had this photo in my room growing up.

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So, you see therefore I love what I do, I meet so many extraordinary people, throw in some History, and have some outstanding ingredients ON A BUN! In Italian families, we say everything revolves around the kitchen and having something to eat, and that’s just what you get when you visit ON A BUN a fun Italian family that want you to sit, enjoy and mangiare! “That’s eat in Italian”

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Thank-you ON A BUN-Italian Sandwiches in Burlington, Ontario for making me part of your Familia!

GRAZIE! See you soon.








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