When I heard an Italian bakery opened in Brooklin Ont. I took a drive up. Nino’s Italian Bakery & Deli is family owned. It has a Chicago vibe to it, with its rich red and whites and open menu concept. I love the fact that when you walk in, your already part of the family. Nino’s is diligent when it comes to there showcase of desserts, all lined up in uniform order, ready to be purchased. This practice also goes for Nino’s hot table, and deli case. I of course went for the cannolis (homemade in house) and I was not disappointed. This creamy, sweet, decadent Italian dessert was made with love. I enjoyed the cannolis so much I took a half dozen home with me for a dinner party. The Zeppole ( homemade in house) and Bacio Mousse were so delectable and rich in taste, every bite was heavenly. Alright listen up! Nino’s is also a great place to get a great meal. Nino’s sandwiches kick ass….that’s right I said it they kick ass. I ordered a sausage on a bun and this baby came stacked with a flavourful sweet sausage, sweet peppers, onions, & homemade tomatoe sauce. Yeah! Nona is in the back! served on a fresh panini. It didn’t stop there we went for gold and ordered veal sandwhiches as well, breaded tender veal surrounded by sweet peppers, onions, and more Nona sauce mmmmm on a fresh panini that’s good eats guys. You can’t leave Nino’s until you try a pizza, so I did. Little C ordered a Margherita pizza thin crust, light pizza dough baked to perfection, with more Nona sauce ( I can’t get enough of it) mozzarella, bocconcini, and fresh basil, you just can’t get any more Italian than that people. This pizza with every bite was fresh, sweet, & spicy, all at the same time. It just had all the elements of the ingredients come together. In an Italian family, food always brings us together and of course a couple bottles of wine, but the food is always the centre of attention. Nino’s Bakery & Deli bring you in and make you part of the Familia. Grazie!

I have a saying in Italian ” Piatto Rico, mi ci ficco”

It means: Rich Plate, I Dive in it!

you say this when there is an inviting meal in front of you, and it’s a pleasure for you to eat it!

I did just that!

Bon Appetite Everyone!


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Melinda Paletta

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