Alright Ladies & Gentleman, listen up! I was in Niagara on the Lake. I visit there quite often when summer comes around. I love to visit IL Gelato di Carlotta, it’s the closest I’m going to get to Italy, and homemade gelato. The owners of this gelato gem, know how Italian ice cream is suppose to taste like. Training in Milan Italy on how to make this silky, flavorful, light & creamy dessert. The gelato is made of all natural ingredients just pure and simple. The flavours consist of chocolate, lemon, cherry, coconut, & mango just to name a few, because of the natural ingredients used, the flavours just make your mouth want more. I’m telling you! the moment this frozen treat hits your mouth, you will be speaking Italian it’s that great! IL Gelato de Carlotta also serves a Gelato Burger two slices of Italian sweet bread (Panettone) a scoop of gelato with warm hazelnut chocolate drizzle. BRILLIANT! Only Italians would think of this! Gelato in pineapple shells, coconut shells, & avocado shells, it doesn’t get any more natural than that. It’s different and that’s why I love this place. Don’t forget the fresh panini’s made everyday and stacked with mortadella, provolone & tomatoes. I going to finish off by telling you, don’t forget to get a latte, cappuccino, or espresso it’s a perfect finish, to an unforgettable visit.




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Melinda Paletta

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