Halloween is one one my favourite holidays. I decided this year I wanted to visit Howells pumpkin farm in Thorold Ont. I saw this farm many years ago featured on City T.V and always wanted to check it out. Howells is in the middle of nowhere, but worth the drive. Howells pumpkin farm is only open for the month of October, it’s a family business, the owner ninety something years young still lives on the property. The Howell sons now run it. This farm goes all out for Halloween, just for one month. Large Wizard of Oz hay stacks welcome you in as you cross over the bridge, listening to somewhere over the rainbow. You are then greeted with pumpkins everywhere, all carved out by staff members ( and they are awesome), singing skeletons, large jumping pillows, corn mazes, animal farm, haunted house, hayrides, and I’m going to tell you a whole lot more. You can spend hours at Howells so prepare for a whole day out. I’m going to say right now that I was very impressed with the staff, although young these kids were very polite. If I had questions they were answered, I was asked to enjoy my visit as well when I left I was asked how my visit was. The staff was great with all Da Kids Crew I brought with me. I love great customer service. So your asking why am I writing about a pumpkin farm when I’m a food writer. PUMPKIN SAUSAGE yes that’s what brought me out to this fantastic farm. Unfortunately I was disappointed, the pumpkin sausage was very tasty  but I was expecting a more harvest flavours of nutmeg, pumpkin, cinnamon. I did not receive that, so I got all hyped up only to be let down. If this is the only witchy complaint I have, Howells is lucky. With so many other things to do at this farm, I was over my disappointment in no time. If you want a great place for adults and kids, and you want to go spend the day having a Howell of a time ( you knew I was going to play on that guys) Get to Howells hurry up though October is almost over. Take that chance an come see what’s on the other side of the rainbow.



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Melinda Paletta

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